[Dallas] DanAdamKOF's mods and repairs


**NOTE: I am currently on hiatus from mods while I finish up some of my personal projects. **Until then, this thread will serve as an “anchor” for XenTrader feedback. If you wish to contact me about mods that is fine (and for small mods like a Kitty install I may have time for it), but most mods will have to wait.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of stick mods and repairs for friends and friends-of-friends, and I’m extending my services to the fine folks here on SRK. I also have a good amount of experience with arcade machines and superguns, if you want help with arcade stuff. I’m also really knowledgeable with Neo-Geo and Bemani stuff, in case anyone wants help with that. Basically, if you want help with anything, I’m your guy.

I’ve been into the technical side of console and arcade gaming for about 10 years. I am well-read on gaming tech stuff, so odds are if you mention something, I’ve already heard of it. I hold myself to high standards and repair/mod with the intent that your stuff will be clean and easy to work with after I’m done. I thoroughly research all aspects of a mod or repair job that I intend to do, so that when it’s time to work, there’s no surprises.

For an idea of my experience, I’ve done stuff like dual mods, putting arcade parts in stock sticks, repairing/rewiring custom sticks with horrible hackjob wiring, replacing and repairing worn cords, cleaning buttons, cleaning and relubricating joysticks (I’ve saved a few joysticks from being replaced when they just needed a bit of a tune-up and worked afterwards), repairing and modding various consoles, creating and working with wiring harnesses, built from scratch and repaired a few superguns, fixed countless arcade machine issues, and made some controllers from scratch over the years. Overall, I’d say I’m capable of whatever wiring/soldering work you would need done (regardless of if I’ve done it before or not), and case stuff apart from painting a case or building one from scratch; the only thing I can’t say I’m capable of is artwork-related stuff, since I’ve never done that (I could certainly try though).

If you’re interested, send me a PM through SRK. I generally prefer to meet at my place (Preston and Frankford), but am OK with going to your place if need be. I work for cheap (and for minor things they might even be free), but total price depends on the extent of the work needed; I might entertain trades as well.


Do you mod the 1up arcade games to add more games ?
Email me if you can @johnredsoxfan@gmail.com im.in plano tx thanks