Dallas/Fort Worth Fighting Gaming League

For those who haven’t seen in the DTX thread:

DFW League Information and Rules and Regulations:

  1. Format:

    a. All league matches will consist of a single game.

     ~Tekken 5: 3/5 rounds
     ~Third Strike: 2/3 rounds
     ~Capcom vs. SNK 2: Standard Ratio Match
     ~Guilty Gear #R: 3/5 rounds

    b. Each week there will be a designated League game to be played.

     (Ex. T5 would be week1, then 3s would be week2, etc.)

    c. All matches must be reported to a league official by both players,
    if it was not witnessed by a league official.

    d. Only the first match between two players will be recorded.

     (Ex. if Player A and Player B play 5 times, only the first one
     counts for points)
  2. Points:

    a. Wins from each league match will award 2 league points to the player.

    b. Losses from each league match will award 1 league point to the player.

    c. Each week a player will be allowed to play maximum of 5 league matches
    for points.

     (EX. A player can acheived a maximum of 10 points per week and a 
     minimum of 5 points if all 5 matches were played.)

    d. For Tiebreaker purposes Win percentages will be taken into place.

    e. Previous week’s games can be played for points only up to the alloted
    maximum of 10 for that weeks’ game. IF the opposing player has
    already tallied his point total, then no points will be recorded
    for the opposing player.

     (Ex. If someone comes into the league during the 2nd week, that 
     player can then play players in the 1st week's game to catch up
     on points, but only up to the alloted 5 matches. Or if you have 
     failed to play your 5 matches for a week you can go still play
     during the current week to recover points.)

    f. Player’s will be matched up according to point totals, tournament
    director’s will place players with point totals as close to their
    own total when possible. This will be done for 4 out of the 5
    matches for the week.

    g. One match of the league week is open for the players to decide who
    to challenge.

    h. A Running tally of point totals will be posted on the www.shoryuken.com
    message boards. In the event of a absent league official to match
    up players, then the players are free to choose another player to play
    that is within 2 points (+2 above or -2 below) of their current standing as posted on the board.

  3. Entry and Prizes:

    a. The league fees will be due upon entry.

    b. League entry fee will be no less then 5 dollars and no more then 10 dollars.

    c. At each week’s end a prize will be awarded to the top player for that
    specific week’s performance.

    d. At the end of the league’s month top 4 point finishers will be awarded,
    and seeded into the monthly DFW tournaments.

    e. To determine the DFW league regionals team, the top 4 point leaders
    overall tallied from all league matches played(up until 1 week
    before the regional) will comprise the 3 man team and 1 alternate
    to represent DFW.

    (Ex. If a regional is scheduled to take place during the 3rd monthly
    league, then points from the 1st and 2nd month's will be used along
    with current 3rd month's standings.)

    f. The representatives for the DFW league team will be provided with free
    transportation and tournament fees for the regional (depending on
    league participation).

This is no longer a proposal. I am going to start taking signups within this post, and also begin the league officially on Tuesday, May 17. I will announce the game at 1 PM(CST). The entry fee for the league will be $5.00. Which can be given to either myself or Thai. If you sign up here I will send you a PM concerning information and how to pay.

Again I am putting in $100.00 of my own money into this month of the league and hope to see lots of participation. Believe me it will definitely be worth your time along with the time of your peers to maintain the competitive nature of DFW. :smiley: Not to mention that you will probably have a good chance of winning some money too.

ATTN: Running a little late.
DFW League week 1 game is TEKKEN 5. It will begin Saturday May 21, 2005.

Also Conrgratulations to the first 5 people to signup(not myself). You guys won free entry into the league.
Thai, Mike Vo, PMD, AzNFrank and Phong(Dreaded Fist).

Right now points standing has everyone at 0 So get out there and play some Tekken 5. Additionally if there are game gatherings post here so people can gather up and play some league matches.

To report matches: E-mail me at Huynh314@aol.com, post here, or PM me on srk. you can also do the samne with Thai.

WOWOWOWOWOW. Count me in! >:3

First post on here! Join everyone! ^____________^
ok, DFW players, join. ;p

Posting to say I’m in. Nothing more.

me too.

and also Mike, are you going to Blake’s on thurs? If you are can you bring your japanese t5?

So can I go in July and catch up on my points that I will be missing from the previous weeks/months? Just asking since I’ll be in Dallas for a good week in July

technically, YES.

BUT, this is a DFW LEAGUE. The drive is murder, AND you’d have to play TONS of games to catch up. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Yeah its just that Dallas is closer than Houston. And just taking part in this league sounds fun. And playing TONS of games doesn’t sound too exciting cuz I’m sure I’ll burnout and not care, lose everytime and get tired/bored.

I’m in. I’ll see if other tekken players are in too. Since majority of them besides E.P. are specific gamers.

DFW Sign-ups…

Here’s the list so far (I’ll update it, once new players post):

  1. 2d Tony
  2. Thai
  3. Mike Vo
  4. Phong
  5. Azn Frank

6. PMD - NEW

?. Dark Zero


what no marvel?? ill play 3s.

Not that I’m likely to ever win or anything, but I’m in.

Im in thai .

in~ :3 is that entry fee one time? i kid~

I’m in

wtf 1st 5 gets in free? I should of posted! but I was lazy when I saw the thread

  1. 2d Tony
  2. Thai
  3. Mike Vo
  4. Phong
  5. Azn Frank
  6. PMD
  7. Arthur/Retekin - NEW
  8. Joel/Alucardd - NEW
  9. Binh/Binh972 - NEW
  10. Daniel/shin_k - NEW


10 so far; sign up you fags! :razz:

I give you permission to add me every month whenever even without asking me.

uhm, ok…

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

  1. 2d Tony

  2. Thai

  3. Mike Vo

  4. Phong

  5. Azn Frank

  6. PMD

  7. Arthur

  8. Joel

  9. Binh

  10. Daniel

11. JW - NEW

I’m down fuck it. So does Tony know when 3s will get played. Where do we meet at to play?

Thats what i was wondering. Do we all meet up to play like weeklies? or is it like yugioh and duel disk?

  1. 2d Tony
  2. Thai
  3. Mike Vo
  4. Phong
  5. Azn Frank
  6. PMD
  7. Arthur
  8. Joel
  9. Binh
  10. Daniel
  11. JW

12. 50 - NEW

BTW, shen let you **BORROW ** those TS5 DVD’s… :pleased:
you didn’t pay for anything, didja’? :rolleyes: