Dallas, Texas 6.2 DFW Metro area. First post updated with new info

I guess I’ll go play Melty Blood.

Sup Blake. This is the guys thread. I have no idea if he is still selling them. I found a thread of some guy selling one with parts except pcb 150 shipped. I have no idea if he sold it though. You should check it out. But my stick has a flash clone, the ascii and an octagon gate. I found one for 70 shipped, but I got lucky as I’ve seen them normally sell for 150. I’m changing the spring to a tighter spring via Matrix.

Anyways here the stick makers thread CNC Cases - 2nd Batch Taking Orders - Updated 7/16/10

And the dude who selling his.

I’m playing on PSN, and 3S online has the worst netcode of any fighter I’ve played. What the hell is this? Do I need port forwarding or something to get GGPO to work correctly?


People recommend something about DMZ’ing your ps3, google it.
3SO feels funny on PS3. I don’t know if it’s actually input lag or if it’s just that I am so used to playing 3s on the PS2.

try this.

I heard there was input lag on the ps3 version.

Thanks guys.

Thanks for the info Jon. Cheers kind sir.

I wonder what version of 3S is going to played in OB or any event in general because it seems that both console share the problems of lag

Most improved character post 2012 patch… Cody? Hakan? Rose stayed pretty much the same, imo :arazz:

Cody. Hakan’s still bad. Cody now has the biggest buff Joe’s been wanting since super (walkspeed increase) as well as gay shit (overhead links into low short, stupid FADCable quick getup). He’s looking mad buff at this point.

Hakan Oil Dive is super buffed now. Fools just dont realize!

Dan is looking fantastic. He was good in super. He got mad-buffed in AE. He got even Further mad-buffed in ae2012. It’s a shame no one will play him because he’s Dan!!!

Thanks to Allen McGowen we have the original Tristen gif, in its original video form. BURN IT UP TRISTEN!!!

Im so popular.

I should be going to FC tonight! see you guys there!

Hey guys! I just posted an interview I did with one of ARK’s founders, [COLOR=#3b5998]Maxx Nguyen. You can check it out on the official ARFGN website @ www.arfgn.com
Scroll past the ARK IV post and you’ll see it![/COLOR]

We can call you Kusoda.

Jeff(or anyone) what kind of sticks are those that you use in on the big TV in the living room at FC? Are those Qanba?

Sega Virtua Stick high grade, I think.