Dallas, Texas 6.2 DFW Metro area. First post updated with new info


We’re on Facebook. Look for the DFW FG Community page.


I tried looking this up and couldn’t find anything. Is it still a thing?


Wow, a post in this thread that’s not from weeks ago.

The Facebook group is a private group so you may need to be friends with someone, or something? Whatever, just add me, Arthur Williams, and I’ll invite you. My profile pic is of me (some white guy) playing SF with some scrub.


Another new DFW guy here! I live in Arlington. Just picked up KoF 13 on Steam, and am looking for people to play with in person; also used to play Skullgirls.

EDIT: Also, I’ve tried to join the FB group; I’m “pending” now.


Asus monitor $100 - DJ aka Teknique


I need to get back into this myself, ever since Fightclub dissolved. Heard at Evo there’s two places - Epic in Richardson, I think, and some place called Gameday but I shoulda asked a little more, haha. Mostly in Dallas though, if I heard right.


Ya who the hell are theses guys? I leave for like 15 years n the place goes to shit


Where da games and women at these days? I leave for a decade and they added another dimension to games. Wasn’t 2d enough?


Street Fighter V.



SFV is the new crack, who’s gettin on it?

NOGETDUE on CFN in SFV in DFW, feel free to look me up, heh. B)


I’m still pending on the fb group


nobody playing fighting games anymore

we DFW Hearthstone now


Well, SF5 is out so I figure I’ll make a post here. New to SF/DFW and want to get some games in? Check out Versus Gameplay Arcade at 9750 Walnut Street, Suite 194, Dallas TX 75243. It’s inside Walnut Street Mall and more generally it’s near where 635 meets 75. Thursday nights and Saturdays seem to be the biggest nights for SF lately.

I’m glad my SRK password is saved, I’m at least relatively sure that I don’t have access to the email address this account is attached to so if I had to guess the password I’d never get it.


Thanks for the tip Arthur. Maybe I’ll cya there. I’m playing on Steam (Fasty_McNasty) and fighterID: FastyMcNasty.


that quote LOL^


Hey guys, I just moved to Denton Texas yesterday, and I’m looking for people in the area to play with on a competitive level nearby. I want to come visit Dallas soon but I’m not quite settled yet. Anyone here from in or near Denton? I do not have internet until tomorrow (no updates for SFV til then) but I do have a lagless ASUS monitor and a 360 with all but SFV. I play ST, 3S, SF4, SF5 and dabble in some others. (KoF, Skullgirls, SFxT, Smash)

If you’ve seen a pro player from the MD/PA/NYC areas on stream, I’ve probably played with them. You may have seen me on stream a couple times as well.
Hoping to hear from someone today, I’m itching to play with my new local FGC!


anybody that want to get some games and u live in dallas texas my house is always open.


Freeplay arcade in Richardson has ST now. It’s a decent setup actually.


Holy shit this thread still exists. lol

I’m about to binge-read 93 pages of hate.


Take it easy everyone from the Sweet City. If you want a good read before it’s gone? Look at the “Denton United” thread in this Southwest Region subforum. I could link it, but what’s the fun in that?