Dallas, TX Destruction Tournament 8/30/2008 Results

Results time.

First thanks to everyone that made it and supported us and made it a success.

I dont have all the results for every game just CvS2, ST, and 3S singles and teams.

Once I get hold of Scotty, Darkgeese, and Ice they can post results for the other games.

In the mean time.

Capcom Vs SNK 2 - 8 entrants

1: Buktooth
2: Demenion
3: 2D Tony
4: Orochi Bulldog
5: UltimateFaust
5: FoxxstepCEO
7: ArkAngel
7: DJ Matrix

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - 16 entrants

1: Buktooth
2: Demenion
3: BinhLOL
4: Kingdom
5: Jake
5: MaD
7: Yungb254
7: Draeger
9: Alex Ennis
9: 2D Tony
9: Nmbr1Krush
9: Jason Garza
13: James
13: ArkAngel
13: Turbovec
13: Venom22
Street Fighter III: Third Strike - 21 entrants**

1: Alex Eniss - Makoto
2: Yungb254 - Akuma
3: Buktooth - Ken
4: Orochi Ryu - Elena, Yun
5: UltimateFaust - Q,Ken
5: FastyMcNasty - Ryu,Ken
7: Spin4U - Yun
7: Yuuki - Urien
9: 2D Tony - Ken,Chun Li
9: Nmbr1Krush - Ryu
9: RAY - Hugo
9: BinhLOL - Ken
13: Hustlinh - Ken
13: Orochi Bulldog - ??
13: Danny - ??
13: Dest556 - Oro
17: Justin - Yang
17: Chase - ??
17: Anthony G. - ??
17: Venom22 - Urien
25: FoxxstepCEO - ??
Street Fighter III: Third Strike teams - 7 teams**

  1. Campbell & Tony (Buktooth and 2d Tony)
  2. Team Dumpster Sluts (Yuuki and Yungb254)
  3. Team Boobsmafia (BinhLOL and Nmbr1Krush)
  4. Team Fuck this game (FoxxstepCEO and Chase)
  5. Team I dont know (Justin and Ultimate Faust)
  6. Team Aeropostales (Gualbuerto and Spin4u)
  7. Team OuttaTowners (Orochi Ryu and Hustlinh)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 results - 20 entrants

1 Brad "Carnevil"
3 Adam "M0o0
4 Rudy "Sinister X"
5 Jacob Ahn "Mr. Jacob"
5 2D Tony "ddr_Gakusei"
7 Linh "Hustlinh"
7 Justin from austin
9 Scott
9 Campbell "Buktooth"
9 johnny "DJ matrix"
9 Tim
13 daniel "Turbovec"
13 Slade
13 Professor Tony
13 David Du "Sannosan"
17 Matt "Foxstep"
17 Eric Park "g1park
17 Brandon "Spin4u"
17 Thai “Kingdom”

for other games -
SC4 taken from Ice’s results thread at caliburforums.com
1 Linkrkc (Ivy)
2 Augustin (Yoshi)
3 Fuzion (Lizardman, Cass)
4 IceColdEdge (Sieg)
5 SleeperNoob (Mitsu)
5 AlphaMale (Yoshi) <— aka David Evers… tight new name!
7 R.Nadal (Raph)<— aka Chris Evers… tight cuz he plays Raph!
7 Jaeger (Mitsu)
9 Som3 BlaCk GuY (Amy) <— Chickenwing
9 Trash Bum (Cass, Sieg) <— Nori (he picked the name not me)
9 Buktooth (Hilde)
9 Eddy Pistons (Asta)
13 FunkPanda (Yoshi)
13 DevilJim (Lizard)
13 MaD (???)
13 Kingdom (Amy)
17 PBalfredo (Forfieted)
17 Irobeth (Amy)
17 ddr_gakusei (???)
17 Kevav (???)
17 Silent Legend (Mitsu)
17 caly555 (Taki, Soph)
17 Kasumi Chan (Setsuka)
17 Chris Gold (Zas)

**Top 5 in Kof98UM - 14 entrants **
1st- Gualberto (Chris-Chang-Clark)
2nd- Dark Geese (EX Geese-Choi/EX King/Krauser)
3rd- Anthony (???)
4th- OJ
5th- Eduardo- Daimon, ??, ??

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core - 16 entrants

1 Doom Sycther
2 Tirian
3 Ultimate Faust
4 Justin
5 g1park
5 FoxstepCEO
7 DJ Matrix
7 Shin
9 Flare Fox
9 Alex Ennis
9 Turbovec
9 Dirt Kicker
13 BinhLOL
13 Jaketrash
13 Will

goddamnit i didn’t realize i did pretty decent in ST.

i’m going to find a new Binh counter now. :confused:

…about SCIV, it was fun; and Linkrkc (the winner) was raping fools left and right with sick Ivy shit…and lots of CF’s!!!

good shit!


first vid of the tournament. [media=youtube]oHg5SJYRHA0[/media]

Wish I was there.


You fucking Asshole! :mad:

Go, gual!

good games… good games… wish i didnt get a headache during semis :frowning:


waiting for scott to post ggxx and marvel full results, since the bracket was on his laptop.

Gualberto, too good in the KOF! Need full results.

gg’s Dallas and out of towners. Thanks to everyone that showed up, Johnny and Jon
for making this happen.

also, this thread needs more video!

KOF 98UM Grand Finals

Thanks to all who hosted the tournament. Had a blast. Had to bail early though due to having to work early in the morning the next day. Good shit to all I played in 3rd strike. Had a lot of fun. Learned a lot.

i thought i recognized you. chili bowl haircut, right?

I don’t have a chili bowl last time I checked. I think. I had a plain white t-shirt on and was just lurking around most of the time.

Hey guys, thanks for adding SC4 to a primarily 2D tournament. Had a lot of fun seeing what everyone came up with in the new game.

Man this tournament was a blast. Good games to everyone I played. (MaD)

Nice one, Buktooth!

What characters did ST players use?

Dee Jay

…i didn’t see any Fei, Hawk, Cammy, or Sim.
oh wait, maybe i saw a Cammy in the early brackets (peaced out, of course).

if you got a haircut like Moe from the 3 Stooges, it’s a chili bowl haircut. :wink:

Had an awesome time, too bad I played like trash. Anyways, if someone can find a way to get ahold of Dark Geese, he walked off with my swap magic. Also, one of you SC4 peeps ran off with my pelican adapter, it was on the far PS3 in the corner and has wires sticking out of it. If I could please get it back, that would be nice. Those damn things aren’t cheap.

Thanks to everyone that came out for our tourney… I’ve been wanting to host one for quite sometime but I think that this one went really damn well. To the SA people… had some great games with yall on sunday and it was a blast… we will have to do this again sometime.

CARNEVIL… get those vids up.!!! if you want i can give you our youtube account so we can put in on our DTX marvel account.

heres a beast of jakeclops for money.