Dallas, Tx FG's players


Hey peoples,

Name is lance and im a FG player in dallas,tx! Never started a blog before but thought i would give this a shot, looking for people who play FG’s like marvel, AE2012, SFxT, GG,BB,KOF13…

I would like to say im not a bad player but also i never really play anyone else besides online. Also i want to go to evo this year and didnt know if anyone in my neck of the woods may be going. Would be nice to split the costs:D.

Anyways, message here if you live with the dallas/fortworth area! Just trying to level up and reach out to others that may not have a big scene like me or have alot of friends who are even interested in FG’s.



Welcome to the forums! This place isn’t really a blog, but more like an actual forum intended for topical discussion as well as offline and online matchmaking purposes.

I highly recommend you search through this forum…


…and find locals living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to meet up. There’s no better way of becoming part of the fighting game community than meeting up with other individuals who share your same passions and interests in fighting games and improving as a player alongside them.


Welcome to SRK.

As eltrouble said, SRK isn’t a blog. It’s a forum. The newbie dojo in particular is here to give new players a place to ask gameplay related questions from more experienced players. If you’re looking for players/tournaments local to you, please use the regional matchmaking section.