Dallas,Tx Mvc2!


This thread is for Mvc2 in Dallas,Tx… Hey I’m P.Y.T, basically this new thread is to see who has game or is just willing to learn, Dallas needs a bigger sence in Marvel… There’s about 7 players that play seriously and we are looking for some new faces, to put Dallas on the map. So post anyway… We are having gatherings every Friday… So if u want to join us, just post…


Yo, i seen this thread a while back and some guy name henry is suppose to be real cold from what the tio was sayin. She runs bi-weeklys so check it out and let me know how it turns out. This might help dallas cause the tournaments get 15-20 players every tournament. http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=227353


Looks pretty cool, but like I said whoever wants to join us at our gatherings, we are gonna start having every Friday, just post anyway and get the Dallas sence up and running…


there are too many other things like goons and fight club to pull people away from this. i wish i had learned marvel though


Well I sure what’s goons and fight club are good, but they won’t have the beat players… Besides it’s just to get better Mvc2… Oh I forgot to add that’s the gatherings are gonna every Friday at the beast of the South house. Which is Toan’s… This thread is for ppl who want to learn marvel and get better in the game. It don’t matter if u are the worst player cuz as long as everybody is willing to learn, then that’s what we need… We ate trying to get Texas better in marvel, no matter if ur the worst player in the game or the best, there is always room for improvment…


I already talked to ya in the houston thread, but for others that didnt see im willing/wanting to learn. Whats a good site for a good PS3 stick tho? i dont wanna get one from gamestop…


Well bro we don’t play on ps3, we play on dreamcast the oringal… The real shit… Umm I’m to sure, maybe like at gamestop… I’m not to sure bout that on bro, sorry couldn’t help much on that…


i know yall play on Dreamcast but i only got it on ps3…so actually ill need a stick for both :confused:


Yeah but we got sticks and dj matrix makes our sticks and the are very good, I can tell him to make u one for dc, and I could give u price when I talk to him.


Gamestop has them tournament editions for 139$. Cant beat that. http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?product_id=75734 hopes this helps you:tup:


fuck gamestop :tup:

edit: @ P.Y.T

Ight man sounds good, keep me posted on that.


So if anybody is willing to learn the game of Mvc2 and wants to rep Texas, then post and start making the Dallas and Texas sence as big as the state… Lets get this rolling… So post up and let the training begin…


suspect, TE from gamestop are the overall best-made sticks nowadays for that price range. The size of them is also helpful to keep your stick controlled in your lap rather than moving around too much (insert sexual innuendo here) too.

PYT, start hyping for the tourney coming on May 1st. Im gonna try to entice the best of the southwest to come and help build this scene. http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=267728

as a note: it will be on 360s, not on dreamcast


get a price for me brian. i need one 4 dc bad. when i get back from cali i’ll probably pick it up. Tired of playin’ on a 4-way. SMDH


Well to 100% honest, takeurlife2 the only way for me to hype this tourny is to have Mvc2 on Dreamcast thats what we play… And if u want any of the top Mvc2 players to attend to this, like myself and my boy jerome aka phats0, and my nigga Toan, the tourny for Mvc2 must be held on Dreamcast… Where is this tourny gonna be held at anyways?


Oh and jerome… Dj Matrix charges for a god like stick… About $150 its similar to the one had at the tourny, but u can pick ur design and buttons, pretty much anything u want he can do… Trust me he makes the best sticks out there… Nohomo


No offense, but im not gonna go through the hassle of locating/buying/putting up with dreamcast. Toan will be the best regardless of the system and rendition of the game(unless you guys think you can beat him, in that case, get mad hype for trying to dethrone the king of the south).

The fact that EVO is having the tourney on ps3 should be a sign that dreamcast, be it the preferred version or not, will be left out of bigger tournaments. It’s the future bud, sad as it is.

Also, this is gonna be on UNT campus(venues are spacey and nice, so why not?)


Bro i play Toan alot me and him ar like brothers and we decided to make this thread… And trust he wont play on 360 or ps3, nobody said u had to buy a dreamcast, we have setups… Trust me, us Dallas players we all hang with Toan. We know how we play… But u can have it on 360 if u only want scrubs to play in the Mvc2 tourny… But Dallas and i think i speak for Houston as well, when i say 360 is wack and dc is like crack, u get hooked on that shit…


I mean, its whatever dude. If you guys don’t like money, that’s your own problem. To me, it seems more worth it to practice for a week on the new version and make a free 50+ $ than to protest the lack of dreamcast by not going.

Try to look at this from my perspective as the TO: If I have a tourney on dreamcast, scrubs are automatically excluded. Scrubs build the pot. Instead, I will have maybe 10 very good players show up who play each other all the time anyway, reducing the tournament to nothing more than a weekend get together.

Also, #1 rule of being a TO: Don’t rely on other people to bring ALL your setups.


the xbox version is significantly different than dc version unless they’ve patched it and I’m assuming it’s the same way for the ps3. anyways I don’t think scrubs will sign up for a mvc2 tourney. there’s too great a difference between scrub level of play and the pro players. I think right now the only people that are hyped about mvc2 are the people that are already good at it. also if you have a mcv2 tourney, you’re gonna have to back down on that no screaming rule if you want the tourney to have any hype at all