Daly City Tourney Players

hey, I was wondering if there is anyone holding tourneys for sf2, mvc2 on the ps2 console. I know theres always sfstate, but i dont drive and not sure how the hours are.

hears crickets

I’m from San Bruno, but my hometown is DC… REPRA- ZENT!!!

For ST, I’m usually on GGPO bro… I haven’t found a lot of tourney players on the peninsula short of SFSU and Keystone. It would be damn nice to see the 650 get represented, but alas, we’re the minority.

FYI, not a lot of people use the PS2 for capcom 2d games. Dreamcast is the way to go man.

Hit me up if you’re feening for some ST some time. Peace.

Haha, you two must be Filipino…

Turn on them rice cookers and get the fog going, it’s been hot lately!

I’d be down for tournaments but I absolutely suck. haven’t had extra money to go blow on an arcade and I’m in the process of assembling my first joystick. I’m in Burlingame, trying to find some people to practice with so I can get back to playing on a regular basis. As of right now I play mugen with a keyboard and that’s about it.

Who is down for dollar money matches or loser Pays a quarter. i have the dc but a small tv. or we can pool to go to one of those out of town places like modesto where we can play all day with lots of peeps for free.

hahahhaha o man thats a good! dont forget Jolly Bee