DAMAGE CONTROL II w/ SF4, HDR, and 3S --Doylestown, PA (4/11/09)--


Presented by ESTETIKS and CYBORG-1




Oh it’s TIME AGAINE. Let’s have us another tournament in Doylestown. All of the East Coast/Tri-State area is invited so let’s make this a hell of an event! The event will be held again in the heart of Doylestown not too far outside of Philadelphia at ESTETIKS, the dopest boutique shop in Doylestown. This tournament is going to be sponsered by CYBORG-1 (Best Comic Shoppe).

Like last time there will be free drinks and if need be I’ll find a place to store coats and other such things better. I’ll try to add on some more cool stuff for the players as we get more people signed up. The bigger the better!

ESTETIKS: http://www.estetiksonline.com/
photos 1-http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq282/cyborgone/l_0061869b85951a35b8d39a4aa45e48aa.jpg
2- http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq282/cyborgone/l_30f8fd3fa8ce7dc39d88d570ad4a8346.jpg
3- http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq282/cyborgone/l_0f43a4780c18970faa421ebf2a544dfd.jpg

CYBORG-1: http://cyborg1.edgeofthorns.net/

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=71745732785


Saturday April 11th 2009 AD

2pm open/registration starts, 3pm Third Strike starts HDR starts, 5pm SF4 starts.


5 South Main Street
Doylestown PA, 18901

Directions can be found on http://www.estetiksonline.com/


Street Fighter IV (360)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (360)
Street Fighter III Third Strike (PS2)

This is a BYOC event but I will have extra controllers and hopefully more joysticks to help out with people who don’t have 360 joysticks. If anyone can help in bringing in additional gear it would be much appreciated.

Street Fighter 4 and Third Strike will be run by myself (Diaper Bomb) and I’m also looking for someone to help run the HDR brackets. I can do them also but having someone else run that would help me immensly.


$10 venue fee
$10 entry fee per game.

Payout will be 70/20/10% for all games.


Both games will use standard rules. Double Elimination 2/3, Winners and Losers Finals are 3/5, Grand Finals are 3/5 set format.

If you are over 10 minutes late you’re probably going to be DQed so please be timely so we can run this tournament quickly and smoothly for everyone.

SFIV: Default match settings, all characters allowed.
HDR: Default match settings, Akuma is Banned.
3S: Default match settings, Gill is Banned.


If you plan on pre-registering and are coming to this for sure please list your Name(s), Game(s), and where you’re from so I can work out the seeding properly. I need at least 8 for each game to run them.

1: Brian “Diaper Bomb”, Doylestown PA
2: Damdai , NYC
3: Sean “1der”, Philly PA
4: One , Philly PA
5: Rape Von Racist “Therapist”, Transylvania
6: Sean “Vizard”, Brooklyn NY
7: Mr. Quotes , Montclair NJ
8: Keith “Seasofcheese”, State College PA
9: Caliagent#3 , Hartford County MD
10: Kensk, NJ
11: Frantastic , Belleville NJ
12: Dr. Chaos , Philly PA
13: Chris “Pence”, Doylestown PA
14: Manofgod , Worchester MA
15: Player Zero , Philly PA
16: Kevgeez , Philly PA
17: Hoenir , Lansdale PA
18: Bchan , Baltimore MD
19: Reljin , Baltimore MD
20: Red Coyote, Reading PA
21: ExBlackman , Reading PA
22: Dylan “Stun4h” , Phillispburg NJ
23: Clint “Rakae” , Colombus OH
24: Larry “Ling” , Colombus OH
25: Jason “Hiro” , Jamison PA
26: Nick “TeeFiveTee” , Washington NJ
27: Christian “Boleslaw” , State College PA
28: Chris “Magneto X” , Dover DE
29: Andrew Emerick , Doylestown PA
30: Mike “KaiZoku Mike” Philly PA
31: Andy “Auto-Demon” , Brooklyn NY
32: Bob Sagat , Westchester NY

1: Bill “Ehonda” , Newtown PA
2: Damdai , NYC
3: Sean “1der”, Philly PA
4: One , Philly PA
5: Sean “Vizard”, Brooklyn NY
6: Mr. Quotes , Montclair NJ
7: Keith “Seasofcheese”, State College PA
8: Caliagent#3 , Hartford County MD
9: Frantastic , Belleville NJ
10: Chris “Pence”, Doylestown PA
11: Player Zero, Philly PA
12: Kevgeez , Philly PA
13: Sam “Iapetus” Doylestown PA
14: Red Coyote , Reading PA
15: Rakae , OH
16: Christian “Boleslaw” State College PA

1: Brian “Diaper Bomb”, Doylestown PA
2: Flare , PA
3: Rape Von Racist “Therapist” Transylvania
4: Sean “Vizard”, Brooklyn NY
5: Mr. Quotes , Montclair NJ
6: caliagent#3 , Hartford County MD
7: Kensk , NJ
8: Hahayouwin, Parts Unknown PA
9: Wayne “Padskillz”, Woodbury NJ
10: Frantastic , Belleville NJ
11: Kevgeez , Philly PA
12: Hoenir , Lansdale PA
13: Mr. Demon , NY
14: Red Coyote , Reading PA
15: ExBlackman , Reading PA
16: Rakae , OH
17: Carmen , State College PA
18: Fire Chocobo , Training Mode PA


well sign me up for hd and sf4 im in but ban seth n gouken


Ya know I was thinking about doing that but I’m curious to hear everyone’s reasoning. i think they’re both broke too but I wasn’t sure if it was too soon to pull the trigger on banning them. I’ll think about it for the next week and probably will end up banning them but any feedback on the matter would be appreciated.


if u get grabbed by gouken its a free ultra… seth combos are rediculous and one combo into super is half health end of story


seth has the worst healthbar in the game

i cant speak for gouken

i can’t think of anything else better to do so i’ll make plans to show up as wel, and try to bring some people with me

edit: Might i make the suggestion of having at least SF4 10 dollar entry. you will def get more people to show if the entry is at least as much as the registration


same here, ban seth and gouken

or ima play them lol


Now I KNOW someone from MD/VA is going to this, so let your boy catch a ride and I’ll spot on gas, toll fees, w/e.


On the suggestions of others I’m raising the entry fee to $10 all around.

I’m gonna go test out and research Seth and Gouken some more before I offically ban them. So far they don’t see even close to as bad as HDR Akuma. Thanks for the input so far.

Also One and Quotes, you guys want to pre-reg for anything in particular or wait and see?


sign me up…HDR and SF4

if you need any help running it let me know


Rape “Rapist” Rape, Rapesylvania

Rape3, Rape4, but not Rape2


I like this post, very creative.


Sean “Vizard” Anderson

Sign me up for everything.


all of them


DOH!!! I have a race for school that day all day, prolly not able to get there until at least 7pm 6 at the earliest. and there is no way out of this thing.


Hell yes!

Sign me up for Remix and SF4.


I don’t see a reason to ban seth and gouken. Gouken’s throw into ultra shouldn’t even be considered in him being banned. Many games have similar things with throws into LVL 3 supers or throws into customs (A3, Cvs1,Cvs2,SNK games etc) and they never posed a problem. Let’s not forget that Gouken’s throw into ultra starts off with a techable throw, and that he loses to a large portion of the cast.

Put me down tentatively for HDR, SF4, and 3s


1v1 D- Python You Win is entering, or Hahayouwin, whichever.


if quotes is goin im down

put me down for sf4 and 3s

god bless 360 sf4, using ps3 sticks is for FAGS.

seth and gouken should be legal.


Wayne “PadSkillz” Rivers
Woodbury NJ

I would play SF4 and remix but they on gay 360…I think I would ban Sagat and Ryu before I would ban Gouken and Seth…


That would be good shit.