Damage Control

need help on playing in a very low damage inflicting arcade. its very hard to play against characters whom you’d expect not to last in a fierce battle, those who can’t take damage that good in a normal damage mode. for example storm,magz and cable should be dead in a storm/sent combo plus cc, but instead they last long enough to kill you. it takes 4-5 ahvb’s to kill an assist. some combos and supers dont do much damage but some do wonders. try a lk lk xx thc with spiral(y)/bbh/IM and you’ll see what i mean.

have you guys got any mucho damage combos in this scale?

pls. dont give me the suggestion to ask the management to change it.:lame:

play strider doom. :smiley:

You could try chipping-based teams. Or learn how to fully mash the glitched 8-Hit Headcrush

Honestly, what you should do is ask the management if they will change it. High Damage is teh bestest.

i have no idea about high damage super or whatnot, but if ALL the hits are low damage, shouldn’t you try to find supers that have a lot of hits? do DHC’s or something that just piles up hit damage. more hits, the better in this scenario, isn’t it? i don’t know if you knew that already, just trying to help.

Just get the management to change it. Playing on something other than tournament standard damage is dumb.

Low damage might be ok to practice against computer but not for competition…high damage…I hate that shi’t and you should too. Fix the damage ! or KO in one aircombo!

Use a trap team [Spiral/Cable/Sent, Doom/Sam/Cyc, Spiral/Doom/Sent] These ones come to mind.

Best damage settings are 2 followed by 3 IMO.

it really is quite annoying cuz everybody here wants to have it that way. it saves much of their tokens worth, despite the fact that they’ll just be beaten again and again yet again…

the more hits the more damage you get, sucks but somehow elevates the skill level since you have to learn and use those long-ass combos always.

sent unfly combos with aaa cuts in though.

How about using Iron Man and Psylocke? His infinite is incredibly easy to pull off with her and you can end with a Proton Cannon for extra damage. I think a good high damage team that could fit your needs could be something like: Sentinel-A or Y, Iron Man-B, and Psylocke-A.

Two, followed by three. Damage at lvl 4 is teh ghey.

Damage level 2 is normal, damage level 3 seems to have no damage scaling :bluu: level 4…:mad: