Damage Data? Research Interest


Hello everyone! This is my first post back on the SRK forums in over 5 years (under a different name). Back in high school and early college, I used to play ST and HDR religiously, and now a research interest has brought me back. You see, I’m currently economics Ph.D. student interested in studying the 2014 EVO 3v3 ST matches from a game theory perspective. I was hoping someone could point me towards ST attack damage data (and ideally data from all previous iterations of the game as well) so that I might pursue this endeavor. I realize that most attacks deal random amounts of damage, but knowledge about the base attack damages and the distributions of the additive randomness terms should be sufficient for my purposes. I’d appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!




Hmm, ok, this is very helpful. Could you please explain the formula a little bit? For the Chun-li v. Ken HK example,

“(22 + randval@ $(0E7996 + 40~5F)) x 27/32”

I understand the base damage = 22, the armor multiplier = 27/32, but I’m not exactly sure how the randval@ $(0E7996 + 40~5F) works. I think ~5F is the right bit shift, but I’m not really sure what that means. So I look up 0E7996 in the damage chart and then what? What do the numbers I see mean, and with what probabilities do the different events occur? I would really appreciate it if you could work through an example with me.


Well, it’s been more than a year that I don’t mess with these things, so it should take a day or two 'till I get the time to check the examples and what the values are. But you might be able to get the results by simple trial and error. Also, several moves will yield the same formula, so you will be sure several attacks do the exact same damage. IIRC, there were mostly 4 tables from which the game would get the random values: one for weak attacks, one for medium attacks, one for ordinary fierce attacks, and one for a few very damaging attacks from, like, Hawk, Gief, Honda, etc.


0E7996 is the base address for the random damage tables in the rom. Each table is 0x20 bytes long (contain 0x20 (i.e. 32) different possible values)
the first table is at 0E7996 + 00~1f, that is, from 0e7996~0e79b5. thesecond table is on 0e7996 + 20~3f, and so on.
You can find all random damage tables from ST here: http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Random_Damage_(ST)
The ones from HF can be found here: http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Random_Damage_(HF)
If you’re interested only on ST (and ST Old characters, which are probably the same damage-wise from the New challengers version) then you can check them all on the wiki. I finished documenting all of them some months ago. For example, on this page (http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Zangief_(ST)) you can check all damage data for New Zangief. The values are on the format: Base value[random damage table]. If a value doesnt has a square bracket in it ( happens only on throws) then its not random and is not scaled down by the “armor” multiplier.


Ah, ok, thanks Born2SPD.