Damage Reduction - is it worth it?

i know that the longer a particular combo goes, the less damage each hit does. but i wanted to know, just by how much? are damage penalties the same for all moves (norms,specs,supers)? i tried to use ken once, cuz i fancied his mpXXhpXXhadoXXSA3. but now i read sumwhere here that omitting the hado would actually do MORE damage.


when is damage reduction worth it?
any general tips on how to limit DR in comboes?
does stun also get affected?

thnx in advance

its because mp,hp,sa3 is harder to do so you get kinda rewarded for doing that.
you should only take advantage of damage reduction if it takes off more than what you were gonna do originally. take akumas hp, lk hurricane, hp dragon punch xx sa1. if you do simply sa1 after the hurricane kick then it would be less energy, but doing the dragon punch makes it worth it. if the dragon punch combo takes off less energy than you might as well miss it out obviously, unless you like building meter.
oh yeah theres stun reduction aswell.

just do the fireball in the ken combo. It does 1 point less damage.