Damage Scaling in KOFXIII and potential issues

42 vs 43 hits… maybe the neomax has randomness to it

there’s no randomness to the neomax, i didnt notice it before but he messed up a bit.

still would you be thinking one extra hit would do +20%?

try it yourself and get them to the same number of hits and it will still happen. the video is just a demonstration.

So… a bit like Just-Frames in Tekken?

I don’t understand the given explanation. can anyone simplify it?

basically two different instances of damage can avoid being scaled down if you don’t use any canceling and there’s very very little pause between the end of one move and the beginning of another.

chin makes it so he hits the first hit of his DM at the tail end of his neomax, creating a constant stream of damage that, because of no delay being between them, the game thinks is one big set of damage rather than separate instances of damage which it would normally lower incrementally.

Very strange. So late cancels/links are the way to go.

The glitch with the late cancels is that the canceled-into move does not combo, but it scales anyway. It’s not useful.

What seems to happen is that no scaling applies when the opponent is still in the hitstop of a fireball, or if the fireball is still on the screen or something.

It would be interesting to see if this lack of scaling applies when you hit someone with an attack and a fireball at the same time. That should be pretty easy to check by getting the opponent to run towards the corner throwing a slow fireball after them catching up and trying to time the fireball and attack to hit simultaneously, or the attack like 2 or 3 frames after the fireball hitting, and after than like 15 frames later. If there’s a damage difference, it’s the hitstop that somehow makes scaling get ignored.

I doubt it’ll have any practical applications though.

I can envision a setup with Saiki where you hit them with the fireball super and then neomax after he returns to neutral but before the fireball runs out of hits. Then again, that’s like 4 bars for 600 damage or so. Probably not worth it.

I’m HOPING that’s the case, since chin’s setup is rather unique. If anything, it may allow a small damage boost in SOME combos by neglecting damage scaling where possible. But, in any case, I wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention so if there IS a very practical and even abuse’able application that it gets found quickly and gotten rid of before the tournament seasons really start kicking off.

I’m still playing around with several characters and I believe there may be away to use this damage scaling knowledge to redo some of mature’s combos and make them more efficient. I’ll post any other findings I or my friends come up with for “benificial” (ie chin’s bug) or “harmful” (ie old Kensou’s bug) that either artificially increases or decreases the damage scaling in combos.

Okay, I did my research. This bug can be exploited with Mature as well, and the more I think about it the more applications I can think of.

So what I tested with was Mature EX fireball into qcb,hcf+K.

Turns out, depending on when you activate the super, you can get up to 4 different damage values.

358 damage When you activate super after the three hits
369 damage When you activate super after the first two hits
383 damage When you activate super after the first hit
400 damage When you activate super before the fireball hits at all.

It becomes pretty obvious if you look at the video:


So let’s do the math. EX fireball is 60+60+60 Super is 0+220. This super scales as if its one hit, so we can just calculate as if its simply 220.

60+60*(1-0.051)+60(1-0.052)+(0+220)(1-0.05*3) = 358
First three hits are scaled, the two hits of super count as one hit

60+60*(1-0.051)+(60+0+220)(1-0.05*2) = 369
The first two hits are scaled normaly, the third hit is taken with the scaling of the super, and all three hits count as 1 hit.

60+(60+60+0+220)(1-0.051) = 383
First hit scales normally, the remaining hits all scale as one hit.

(60+60+60+0+220)(1-0.050) = 400.
All hits are taken as one hit, and thefore don’t scale at all.

So who could use this realistically?

Well, Leona’s charge b~f+P into super is a good example, the faster you confirm into v-slasher, the fewer hits of the fireball will continue to scale.

Can anyone else think of practical situations? it pretty much has to be done with multi-hitting projectiles into super.

Good catch and nice explanation about this… i think the guys with slower multihit projectile, like terry and k’ for example. but i think it’s kinda of gimmick not reliable to use in a serious match because to abuse of this (outside of chin -.-,?) you have to do the super using your sixth sense o.O, if you wait to see if the fireball connect and hitconfirm into super there isn’t enough time to connect without scaling… i guess.

Yeah exactly. Oh well, maybe for combo videos.