Damage scaling

Not sure if this warrents a new topic, but I wasn’t finding a direct answer.

In the SF4 threads, we have a full breakdown of damage scaling, for example 3rd hit does 90%, 4th hit 80%, etc.

I remember reading about 3rd strike scaling before, but is there an exact percentage formula applied to 3rd strike? I’m sure there is haha, just wondering if anyone knew how much the scaling was.

Reason I’m asking is because I notice myself dropping combos sometimes with Oro, particularly at the end of an ex-tengu juggle. At that point, it’s already 30-40 hits.

The combo ender that I’ve grown accustomed to using is close MP MK stomp x2 into MP upper.

I’ve watched a few videos where players opt for one MP MKstomp into the MP upper, or even MP super jump neutral HK.

The damage difference at that point is probably only between 1 and 10 points honestly, and if I keep dropping them I’d rather go safer and just do one juggle into MP upper, but every single damage point counts I suppose. There are a few variations to the simple enders, just trying to figure out which is the most reliable and efficient.

I don’t expect TOO many Oro experts, but for those who know Oro or are familiar with his game, just fishing for a few opinions.

Of course, the damage scaling applies in general. I don’t have my PS2 3rd strike anymore, so no training mode to figure this out.

edit Ah… and forgot about the whole scaling when health begins to dip, which I’m sure plays a huge part in this equation as well. Lol

I’m not sure about damage scaling percentage, but regarding the chicken juggle ender, the MP->SJ HK finish is usually done for another mixup after resetting the opponent. Either finish is fine in my opinion: if you want the knockdown then finish with the Shoryu, but if you want to reset the opponent for another mixup then do MP->SJ HK. It’s just the matter of safer damage vs chance for bigger damage.

my bad, double post

ooh haha thanks for the input, Ive been playing this game for years but still havent figured out proper mixups after the juggles. Love your Q ranger pic btw lol, made my day.

Aku is right. Also if you are talking about doing full chicken combo, tengu juggle, and back into full chicken combo it is difficult to do consistently on the Kens (regarding getting back into a full chicken combo for the ender).

That’s why you see MP (2 hits), fireball, MP upper or MP, SJC, HK or HP.

I think the way damage scaling is calculated in 3s is a bit more complicated than the simple static percentage reductions per hit that is done in SF4.

Nevertheless, does someone actually have the data on damage scaling? I’d sure love to read it.

Also, I remember reading that Ken’s MP,HP x Hadouken xx SA3 did 1 point of damage more than MP, HP xx SA3… and at the same time the very same combo could deal 1 point of damage less, depending on the amount of life left on the opponent, probably because of the scaling and rounding system.

Fuck damage scaling. Taunt for MOAR DAMAGE

In Ryu’s wiki page it’s shown that doing QCF+PxxSA2 does LESS damage than Cr. MK–>SAII. Does supercanceling specials scale damage more than normals?

I don’t have any data, but I think I have a pretty good idea how the scaling works.

I think each move has its own scaling property, generally following the rule that…

strong/forward scales the least
then fierce/roundhouse
then special moves
then super moves scale the most

I don’t think shorts and jabs scale at all really. If you do a raw super, and a short short super, the difference in damage is pretty much just the amount of damage short short did.

There also seems to be minor differences between different strengths of special moves. Ken’s ex shoryu scales significantly compared to the other strengths of shoryu. I wouldn’t say this occurs often enough to be considered a rule. Different strengths of fireballs seem to all scale the same way.

yeah that’s a good point. jabs shorts don’t add to scaling from what i noticed either.

But yes, for the sake of convenience, many combos are scaled horribly. For example, it’s easier to do ryu’s c.forward fireballxxSA1, but c.forwardxxSA1 does more damage.

With remy, if you do an SA1, it does the same damage as if you were to do Lov xx SA1, though there’s technically one more “sonic boom” thrown.

Then you have Chun, who you can do back+HP to HP fireball to SA2 to make connecting and confirming MUCH easier, but the HP fireball never touches since they’re pushed out of reach by the SA2 so adds nothing to scaling.

Chun cannot just back fierce fireball whenever she wants tho. Guard the fierce, parry fireball = combo of choice.

ryus ex tatsu --> shinkuu has HORRIBLE DAMAGE SCALING.

it should do twice as much damage.