Damage Setting in PS2 3S

This is a really important question, it needs to be stickied in my opinion.

What is the correct damage setting for PS2 3S, 2 stars or 3 stars?

I have heard that the default damage setting on PS2 (2 Stars) for 3S is actually different to the arcade. I have suspected this for a long time myself as I have noticed some of my combos KO opponents in the arcade when they don’t on console. Anyway, is the correct damage setting for the PS2 3 stars, or is it some bad programming where actually the damage is somewhere between 2 and 3 stars, but neither is correct. I help run 3S competition on console and we had been running it on two star. If this is incorrect, it goes without saying that we want to change over straight away. I did a search for this topic already, but I would really like the definitive answer so I can be certain. Thanks.

Even with that…the PS2 version still can’t be 100 percent to the arcade. It’s closer than the Dreamcast port by a long shot but still not perfect. I don’t know if it’s true or not but IMO it’s not even worth messing around with.

whatever default is.

I think the xbox is 3 stars. Who knows, I don’t really edit that stuff. Oh well, I’d keep it default and practice on an arcade machine when you can.

I’ll have to check, but the cps3 (which is on 2 star) I usually play on has a VERY close damage if not the same as ps2 on 2 stars.

keep in mind that many arcade operators set the game on 3 star damage to make matches quicker.

Yah default arcade is 2-star, if you move it from that the color changes =p.

I think it’s something like: DC 2-star damage is below arcade 2-star damage, and 3 on DC is too high, but closer to arcade default. PS2 2-star isn’t as different as DC->arcade, but still doesn’t quite match arcade default, however 3 stars on PS2 seems to be way different than the arcade. I think that’s how it goes.

2 stars is PS2 default. Why would the damage be different? Did Capcom slighty modify the damage for balance reasons or is the damage exactly the same?

It’s just like some Capcom games have the hardest difficulty on one star and the weakest handicap on 8 stars. Fuck knows. But one thing I’ve noticed on the console versions is that the computer takes less damage on level 8 dificulty. Supers seem to do a lot more damage on lower difficulty settings than they do at max.

Do any of you guys who posted play regularly in the arcade? I play in the trocadero Arcade in Central London every week. They have both a ver. A and ver. B 3S machine. And I am telling you that when I use Dudley, short, short super and Dart Shot linked to super do more damage on both machines in the arcade than the PS2 on default. Ken’s cr.Mk into super is the same. It’s not a ton more damage, it might only be like between 1 - 5 points of damage difference, depending on the combo, but you know how it is, when you are playing in serious competition, those few extra pixels can make all the difference.

Yeah…then you realize there’s nothing you can do about it and just keep playing the arcade version. :lol: Japanese people still occasionally play the home versions of 3S as well and they know the differences too. They know there’s nothing they can do about it and they know the arcade is just simply better. Console is just there for when you don’t have an arcade. Plain and simple.

The differences don’t just stop at damage settings. There’s speed differences, differences on unblockables…the way certain things hit (Urien’s Aegis, Makoto’s kara fukiage…etc.) the list just goes on man. Damage is just one of the slight but pertinent differences between arcade and console. If you think damage is your only issue when playing console you’re definitely mistaken.

Hell…according to what people have reported from Evo, you can do unblockables with Yun’s SA2 on PS2 3rd Strike. Supposedly untechable as well (can’t be parried out of). How bout that for a difference? :razzy:

Yeah. Capcom got super lazy when they did the computer AI on 3rd Strike. It is incomprehensibly worthless. It puts up no fight whatsoever.

The saddest part? There is no difference between 1 star and 8 stars except that at 8 stars the CPU takes hardly any damage and you take a ton. That is it.

3s CPU = worthless.

I have both CPS3 and PS2 ver. at home. I’ll test those dudley things out.

But IMO CPS3 and PS2 ver. are different, not just damage but PS2 ver. feels faster/tighter to me.

I know there are lots of other differences, it’s just I remember reading somewhere (I can’t remember where) that 3 stars on PS2 is actually the same as the arcade. So Hugin, if you could check that out for me that would be excellent. All I wanted to know is which setting is correct, 2 stars, 3 stars, or neither?

Jesus, I never knew that, that’s pretty messed up. We know console is different (the management at the arcade refuse to let us use their machines to do RB’s, even though it would make them money, go figure), but I just heard that 3 stars is a spot on match for the arcade, and I was just hoping someone could give me a definitive answer to the question.

What difficulty is everyone playing the AI on though? If nearly everyone is playing at level 8 that could be half the confusion counted for.

I deffinatly found it easier to execute on CPSIII, especially when it came to kara cancels. It feels more lenient and loose, where as console feels more stiff. This could be down to my stick having hori buttons and not sanwas, so I can’t quite tell. It was definatly easier sitting on that stool I know that much.

Something i thought led to differences with the PS2 damage was if you had the handicap on or off, because even if the handicap was on but not altered, hits would seem to do more damage than if the handicap was left on

i’ll check settings later and get back to you all