Damage Total Removed...Bad or Good?


As you can see in this vid the damage total from the 1st build has been removed.

It was directly under the combo total.

Do you want it back?

not really, what would be the point. thats too much on the screen. the game is fast enough. more distractions arent needed.

Double thread post? Anywho, the less space on the screen dedicated to the hub, the better.

what’s the point of knowing you just did 5 billion points of damage every 20 seconds? Keeping the bad ideas from tvc out of mvc3 is the way to go.

It was cute in TVC, but it being removed shouldn’t effect gameplay.

I actually prefer the damage totals. Makes it easier to keep track of how much damage my combos do, how much life my characters have, how much life my opponent’s characters have. Less things I have to memorize if I want to number crunch mid match, and it’s easy enough to ignore if I don’t.

I liked the damage totals, just didn’t much care for the pointless “million” part.

Honestly there’s enough stuff on the screen. I don’t need more stuff lol.

Glad they removed the damage totals.

A portion of the opponent’s health bar turning into a different color as they’re being hit isn’t enough for you?

I’m not happy about this at all. In TvC it was very convenient in damage testing and allowing you to understand your pacing. The life bar on it’s own isn’t enough to tell you squat because of the way damage scaling and guts values work.

The damage totals are also closer to the action and easier to keep my eye on without having to look away from the opponent to check the life bars. In a game like MVC3, there are a lot of life bars up there, and trying to look through them all is distracting. Since I’m more interested in watching the combo counter near my opponent, a damage value right there is a LESS distracting than having to look up at the life bars.

I like it better with the damage total removed.

Damage totals only in training mode.

eh it’s one of those things I never really noticed or cared about until it was gone. Then… I still didn’t care. Didn’t think people would get upset over this.

its stupid to have. Its only useful in training mode and nothing else

lol this

there should just be an option to turn it on and off. The game feels very lacking without it. I went back and watched those videos again, paying attention to the combo counter, and it really seems disorienting to not have numbers to tell the damage dealt by the combo. Looking at the bar is just not good enough in a fast paced, combo-oriented game like this. Maybe old-school gamers don’t really mind, since MvC2 didn’t have damage calculation, but for the new-school fighting game crowd, it seems uncomfortable not to have those numbers there during combos.

Put in the work in training mode to figure out damage totals. That’s something you figure out once and don’t ever need to see again on screen

I liked the damage totals and it did have a genuine purpose.

I think I could put up with this though.

Its just so funny when your playing and you look over at your opponent and tell them how they just took 35 billion damage.

If you want damage totals, use training mode…