Damaged JLF?


I have an HRAP EX which I’ve owned for about a year now. I kept the stock JLF in and put a bat top on it for personal preference. A few days ago my son got a hold of it and he was wailing away on the joystick and somehow managed to twist the bat top off. After opening up the case I reattached it, but now my joystick seems wonky.

The bat top stays loose. It won’t come off, but it freely swivels around the shaft. The inputs also seem a bit off, mostly when doing shoto moves from the left side of the screen. What do you think is wrong? Is it something I can fix, or am I better off slapping a new JLF in there?

Thanks, Tech Talkers.


Did you try disassembling the entire JLF assembly and see if anything seems off? Pictures could help as usual.

And if my memory is correct. The Battops require a special installation screw hole.


I bought the bat top and attachment from LizardLick before their store went out of business. It fit snugly right on there with the attachment and I never had any problems. I’ll take a picture of the interior of the JLF and post it up shortly.


My attempts at getting pics hasn’t gone too well, but I did open up the HRAP this morning. The joystick is soldered in there, so I looked at the connections. Each wire was snugly attached and nothing appeared damaged. What I’m finding is that moves requiring the joystick to perform quarter circles, specifically the Tatsumaki motion (if you’re on the left) and Hadouken motion (if you’re on the right) are hit and miss. I hit up training mode and turned the inputs on and noticed that the down back/front motion isn’t registering every time. If I intentionally slow things down and feel for the “click” it works, but in the heat of battle it whiffs.

Any tips?


Okay so the wires are connected properly to the JLF PCB and the main PCB you say?

Also be sure to take off the gate and look at the actual JLF PCB and it’s microswitches.

As for your balltop coming lose, you could take a look at the battop adaptor screw you installed, look closely if there are cracks on your battop, proceed to look at the metal shaft and I’m pretty sure when you reinstalled the battop, you had a flathead screw driver in the end slot of the shaft to give it a tight fit… correct?


It seems to have been an issue with the gate. I noticed it came off rather easily and when I checked the microswitches and wiring, everything appeared fine. When I replaced the gate, I noticed it popped in more snugly than it initially was. After playing around a bit it seems to be in working order now. Thanks your help, Donkey.


No problem.