Damaging Combos: What they are and who they work on

One key advantage Vega has in several match ups that isn’t normally a deciding factor is character size: against large opponents such as Sagat and Rufus, Vega can combo into his strongest move, EX FBA, from nearly max c. strong range, which is great as not only does it aid in footsies, but it also makes for more combo potential.

A specific move Vega has that it is strong and opens up many combo opportunities is Close Fierce. This move has a 9 frame start up: meaning you shouldn’t use it unless out of a jump in or focus crumple. One characteristic this move does have though is numerous active frames on the first swipe: try this move as a meaty. After this move, Vega is +5 hit on hit: meaning he can st. lk, c. strong, st. rh, and c. fierce. The most damaging meterless combo Vega can perform from this move is a close fierce to standing roundhouse. The most damaging combo using EX meter he can perform is Close fierce to crouching strong to EX FBA. All of these combos do over 300 damage: add a jump in and it does around 400. These are very powerful combos. Coupled with Vega’s intense footsies and jump ins, they can be very formidable. EX FBA hit confirms are key to high level play: while whiffing them usually means you can be safe, it can be devastating in certain matchups; for instance, Abel gets a free ultra.

Another great move that opens up offensive opportunities is crouching forward: +5 on hit like close fierce. You can combo into EX FBA from c. strong.

The only problem with these two moves and their combos is that on certain characters, you are pushed back too far to lift them up with the EX FBA you are comboing into. Often it will go over their head and be inneffective… In certain matchups a 400 damage combo you once had is reduced to about 250. Here is a list of two combos: Close Fierce, Roundhoues and Close Fierce, C. Strong, EX FBA and who they work on.

:hp: :hk:
Fei Long: Yes * timing is tighter
Cammy: No
Akuma: No
Gouken: Yes
Dhalsim: Yes
Blanka: No
Chun-Li: Yes
Ryu: No
E. Honda: No
Zangief: Yes * only 3 hits
Guile: Yes * Only off jump-in / focus
Ken: No
Bison: Yes
Sagat: Yes
Vega: Yes
Balrog: Yes * Only off jump-in / focus
Abel: Yes
C. Viper: No
Rufus: Yes
El Fuerte: Yes ** Only 3 hits, only off jump in / focus
Sakura: Yes
Rose: No
Dan: No
Gen: Yes * Only off jump-in / focus
Seth: Yes * Only off jump-in / focus

:hp: c. :mp: xx EX FBA
Fei Long: No
Cammy: Yes
Akuma: No
Gouken: No
Dhalsim: Yes
Blanka: No
Chun-li: Yes
Ryu: No
E.Honda: No
Zangief: Yes
Guile: Yes
Ken: No
Bison: No
Sagat: Yes
Vega: No
Balrog: Yes
Abel: Yes
C. Viper: Yes
Rufus: Yes
El. Fuerte: No
Sakura: Yes
Rose: Yes
Dan: No
Gen: No
Seth: No

For most characters who can not get hit by :hp: c. :mp: xx EX FBA, c. :mk: , c. :mp: , usually doesn’t work. It will work on Fei Long, probably Gouken, Vega, and Bison from those distances. For Akuma, Blanka, Ryu, Honda, Elf, Dan, and Gen, use c. :mk: , c. :lp: . That will still combo.

Nice thread.

As an alternative to the normal link combo, you can trade st.hk for cr.hp. Strict timing, but increased range and it does the same 110 damage as st.hk. You can also do that trade for st.lk links when range is also an issue.

Yeah. I forgot to mention that. The timing is half as lenient but the pay off is just as good. You can also do this after a c. mk.

I already made several posts about all of Vegas Combos an who they work on… You’re wasting most of your time here, really, just a sec… I’ll give you the info in a minute.
You totally forgot here, that Combos are not only dependent on the character you’re facing, but also on his stance (cr. oder st.) and his/your position on the map.
For instance, cr.mk cr.mp EX Dive will work if you’re in the corner against ryu
it doesn’t work midscreen though.


Here it is. Please have a look at the chart, also.


ah. that’s a pretty great chart, I’ll post that in the wiki.

That’s great though, I was hoping someone would have a better chart than I did, and that’s pretty much it. Good shit Sasaki.

I guess what I did contribute was who cl. fierce st. rh works on

EDIT: Poasted. It’s in the combo section, under Close Fierce Combos. Your chart and post are located at the bottom Sasaki. Great post, I’m glad you replied in this thread.

EDIT 2: Wow! Just looked more into your chart, and you have a lot of the same findings I do: however, one thing I did notice: I’m almost 100% certain you can use Combo 4, and still hit Balrog with a c. strong xx EX FBA. Very interesting that you can use jab out of cl f on some characters though. Very, very useful information. This chart ALSO made me realize that Honda is easier to combo when he’s crouching than if he’s standing. Good shit!!!

No problem man, I just didn’t want you to do all that work when the info is already there.

What you COULD research though is:

  • what console characters these
    J.hp -> cr.mk -> cr.lp -> EX Walldive
    J.hp -> close st. hp -> cr.mp -> EX Walldive
    J.hp -> cr.mk -> cr.mp -> EX Walldive
    combos work on when they’re CROUCHING (I already did the standing part), and at what position on the screen (player in the corner, opponent in the corner, midscreen)

If you can do that and post the results, I’ll make another chart for the console characters.

I can do that. Don’t know when I’ll have that info together for you but I’ll try and get it up as soon as I can.

if anyone can reliably execute the 11-hit combo I saw on youtube “vega 11-hit combo” I’d love to know how =P

What’s next up for research is positioning on FA-> Ultra.
Who wants to help?

i’m pretty sure that will always work. even if they’re at max distance and they’re in the opposite corner, vega can still pick up their crumpled body off of the ground.

How I do it:

Jump-in fierce whilst holding back, still holding back, land and fierce punch, after the first hit connects press forward and fierce punch. Let the RCF finish, and as the last hit connects, FADC, and cr.lp,cr.mp, EX FBA - hope it helps.