Damdai vs afrolegends mm poll


It’s anonymous so vote up. If you wanna post up who you’re voting for and reason feel free.

I’m rooting for damdai cause I’m also disgusted with Rog/Claw plus he plays Hawk and Ken, but I think afro is gonna win

My vote is for damdai


bookah is the winner out of this MM.
he clearly benefits the most for his own enjoyment.



I really wish damdai takes this one, his adversary uses boxer and all bullshit related to that character, i admire a person that kick ass without using bullshit tier characters, that’s what i call skills.


afro legends…the name states it all…


Now we get to find out who the real “bad guy” is. :wink:


is that you afro lol ?


Wow, this is really contrary to what you’d think from the other thread.

Voted damdai because he is a cool enough dude, although I’m sure afro is chill enough, I just have never met him. But I also want to believe that you don’t need 834 years of experience at ST to be the best.


I voted for damdai cuz I like to be the bad guy…haha


My heart says Damdai but my mind says Afro


Polls are free. We’ll see who will back up which player, when $$$ is involved.




You’re missing the point, the poll title is “who you’re rooting for”, not “who you think will win”. Maybe we need a second poll for that.


Afro Legends for character love.


Me i dont care who wins just cause they’re both top players capable of representing overseas but imma watch and laugh at whos gonna get ripped off LOL.


Damdai got this. I’m willing to put up exactly 000 dollars for bets :slight_smile:


Im rooting for Afro but i think Damdai will win…


Since Afro’s been reduced to “pressing buttons”, does this mean Damdai will be using his mind to control the game?


O.Ken is gay. Gayer than Rog. You guys are dumb. Go afro!

lol nice one cossack. Afro is playing the game and damdai is making excuses, there is no doubt that this set is fair, O.ken and rog are even, O.ken counters Dee Jay, Dee Jay counters O.hawk, and according to damdai himself O.Hawk is even better vs rog than gief. What’s the problem? play teh game.

Again, go afro.


damien damdai !!