DaMiENs QuEEn: Possible to Ban?

Those of you who - like me - tough it out on ranked HF matches despite the myriad of online problems, have encountered this obnoxious broad on more than one occasion. In most matches, she (I assume it’s a she, given the gamertag and gamerpic, mind you) seems to counter-pick and spam one move until she loses (which is often) and then she drops. Bear in mind, this is not the occasional drop. This happens in EVERY match she loses, without exception.

Droppers are nothing new on HF, especially ranked, I’m well aware. The problem is, alot of these drops end up costing the person who is NOT to blame for the drop points. I’ve reported her like three times, and even had a friend of mine report her for Cheating… to no avail, she’s still on practically every night.

What makes it worse is… a few times, she’s dropped on me, and it hasn’t worked… and she’s lost a TON of rank (seems that trick has taken her pretty high in the rankings, despite the occasional backfire) at which point the next time we fight, she simply sits at the character select screen until her opponent is forced to drop, often sending a text message like “Hope you like waiting, bitch. I’m off to play Wii”. I propose SRK’s HF community files complaints in unison to get this loopy skank to quit cluttering up our ranked play. Anyone else with me?

Yea I hate this person! He/She does this every time to me. Just sits there at the character screen. Ughhh. I just learn to know better by now and just quit if she/he joins my matches.

I agree. This has happened to me too.

LOL Cheating does the same thing.

He/she select screen camped me one time - I decided to wait it out with my char chosen - when she/he/it finally did play I was so mad that I gave up an easy match…

I filed a complaint on queen and LOL CHEATING. Hope they get banned. LOL CHEATING would d/c then send me a message after getting a perfect on the first round. Evertime he loses he d/c’s and complains how “cheap” I am.

is he/she the person who sports taht pink hair avatar?

Haha - I met 'Queen again recently and fucked her shit up. I got picture in picture, so I simply wait her out if she decides to screen camp.