Dammit. Explaining this stick stuff just got harder

SF4 brought a renewed interest in fighters and an increased interest in arcade sticks here in Manila. Unfortunately people are disseminating the wrong information.

<x>: Hmm what do u think is better
<x>: A friend said the hori are better
<x>: Like the sfiv tournament ed is sanwa parts and is not as good as the hori ones
<x>: The hori ones are actually like arcade

This is getting annoying. It’s also pretty hard to prove because the arcade panels don’t have ANY branding at all. :confused:

Lol, woah. I want a shirt now with that elephant on it.

Show him this post. Should be a pretty convincing post… after all, TheRealNeoGeo wrote it (that, and the specs picture actually says the buttons are white Sanwa OBSF-30s). :looney:

That’s the way the world works. If you know enough about any given subject you start to see the sheer ignorance of others.

Thank you for that link, sleazoid.