Damn Fight Stick

I have the official Street Fighter Fight Stick For The Xbox360 and recently my buttons have been getting stuck, I opened it up to see what the problem was but not much luck, I took out all the buttons and soaked them to see if they were sticky or something but no luck, If anyone has anyone info lemme know, Hope the pics help

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You know why the SE is cost half as much as a TE? Cause the buttons and joystick are shit that won’t even last 3 months if that. You are lucky if you went 1 month without a button breaking.

Luckily, it is easy to buy Sanwa Snap in buttons to replace them, and easy to replace the joystick with a Sanwa JLF.
You can go to lizardlick.com.
You want to get 6 or 8 OBSF-30 sanwa’s and a Sanwa JLF.

Gonna be hard to surpass God with a stock SE.

LMAO yea but im working on it, Thank you guys for your advice, Didnt know my fight stick was so cheaply made

You… soaked them? Ummmm… Wat?

SE stick are great once you replace all the parts, change the art, and get rid of the last two buttons. :smiley:

Anyways, good luck!

The art? Why get rid of the last two buttons

If you want to photoshop your own art you can get it printed here.

People get rid of the last two buttons because typically people rest their pinky where those 2 buttons are. I like to relocate the buttons to the right side of the stick.

Yeah, that’s just my personal preference. Sorry if I confused you. I think the art on the SE is ugly, I hated all the art from vanilla SF4. And as for the last two buttons, rtdzign got it right, I rest my pinky there and those last two button just got in the way and were rather pointless.

It’s better to learn with 6 so you can play on any stick instead of relying on 3xPunch and 3xKick buttons. If you get used to playing on an 8 button stick, and… let’s say go to an arcade to play SSFIVAE (I know there aren’t too many in the states, but it makes my point valid), your muscle memory will instinctively make you reach for those last two buttons that will NOT be there. If you teach yourself to hit all 3 buttons you won’t ever have to worry about it.

Same goes for square gates/octo gates. I say learn what’s arcade standard/most common.

Buy a replacement JLF stick and sanwa or seimitsu buttons. The buttons are cheap as they are $2.95 a pop. Lizardlick.com is your friend. Buying the replacement parts as everyone does with their SE stick will save you the trouble.

Thanks, Do wanna change the art on it, it is ugly lol and Your right about removing the last two buttons because I remember I did that at china town arcade in NY, Gonna look into lizard lick also, Thanks for the advice.Btw do you guys know where I can get a avatar made