Damn, I never beat that game!


I was enjoying the game up till the last dungeon, then from there on I just didn’t want to go play it anymore. I actually might go back and replay 12 just to beat it since I was so close anyway. I’ve forgotten everything that’s happened in the story so I might as well just start over.


All the Megaman X games. Always got to the last boss but he would just kick my ass for free.

Altered Beast. Another rage quit at the final boss.


I just remember finding the rope in the Party Wagon stage, then going back to a certain building to get magic scrolls over and over again. The magic scroll was super overpowered - and you needed them to get through to Shredder. I always got killed by Shredder though.

Also: I hated how the game had no fucking save points or code to get back to a certain stage.


Sonic Spinball, Megaman ZX. There are plenty of games I haven’t completed but that’s usually down to me losing interest. With those two games I reached a point where it just pissed me off to continue trying.

Also ZX reminded me of how much easier save points make a game. Bosses are a lot harder to beat when you don’t have enough time to find out their pattern.


Advance Wars DS, only because my original file was erased and I don’t think I have the heart to go up tp Mission 27 again. Only had 3 missions left too.

Dragon Quest 7 - Somewhere between not having enough shards and hearing the main game is 100 hours threw me off the game. Secret boss is hilarious though.

Super Metroid. I don’t know how I can continually say I love this game, but never get farther than 75% through it without giving up. Maybe I don’t want to see the end?


i beat that level,i got stuck on some level i was driving around in a van

never beat battle toads, got stuck on the level when your on a raft…didn’t know there was a warp right through it.

Call of duty 4…i got bored of it or something, forget why i stopped playing.

Sands of time…i got stuck on some part i didn’t know where to go and i got sick of running around the whole game trying to figureit out


Hey I said I never met a recent game I couldn’t beat. Never said they don’t exist although I’ll take a look at those two.


Mario 3 :annoy:


Majora’s Mask: I got to the Stone Temple and couldn’t get any further cause I didnt know what to do. I tried looking at walkthroughs and even though I followed them to a T, I still couldn’t figure it out.

Demons Souls: I like it, and it’s still pretty new, but I dont know how much longer I can keep it because the more I play it, the more I think “I just can’t handle it”

KOTOR: I couldn’t progress past Tatooine because my copy was fucked up. Everytime I stepped out of the spaceport, I’d have like 10 seconds to roam around til it froze and it wouldn’t let me through no matter how much I polished the disc.


I never beat Crash Bandicoot, CB2, Spyro the Dragon, Jak and Daxter, Frogger ps1, Jet Moto 2, Future COP Lapd and a few others.


Super Mario Brothers for the NES.

I remember being little and never being able to make to the final level, then one day a girl who was baby-sitting me by the name of Teanna sat down with me and beat the game start to finish. When I saw that the game just resets and loops at the end I stopped playing all together. Haven’t touched it since then and have no intentions to do so in the future.


It was the same deal for me. That was probably the first video game that I felt insulted the player. You get to the end and this bitch is like “ok, but you have to start over and do all that again to actually finish the” aye, eat my asshole. Good thing it was only a rental. I was disgusted, and never even considered playing that garbage again.

Halo 2’s Legendary mode – because it’s complete bullshit. I don’t know about the other levels…but Cairo Station was ridiculous, and I never even made it past that. Halo 3’s Legendary was actually much more reasonable, and thus…it was possible. I spent forever and a day on Tsavo Highway, dying probably 50+ times but whatever…I still made the progress and eventually beat that…UNLIKE the absolute bullshit that was Halo 2’s Legendary Cairo Station.

NES Ninja Gaiden-- all because of That Jump? in that last stage.

Beowulf – there is a part in there that seems to be literally impossible. Your crew (the Thanes) is trying to push some large stone or something in front of entrances, or away from entrances… I forgot. While they do this, swarms of enemies come in to kill Beowulf and his crew. The Thanes don’t help worth a damn because they’re busy with the door and the large stone/statue thing. Beowulf is a sorry piece of shit that cannot handle all those enemies by himself, not even with the Carnal powers or whatever. It’s not like there was any strong motivation to keep at it either since the game was a bit on the terrible side anyway…which is why it had one of the fastest price-drops in history. (It debuted at the regular 59.99. heh, my pal Dumbass actually bought it for that price! It was only like 3 or 4 weeks later and that shit was going for 20 bucks NEW everywhere. :rofl: I know my friend still hates that whole fiasco. I’d be a bit pissed off too if anything I just bought for 60 bucks and change is dropped to 19.99 just 3 or 4 weeks later. It’s hated by most people in the general gaming community, I’m sure. In fact, I don’t think anyone even made a FAQ for this bullshit over at Gamefaqs! …and of course, the board was like a ghost town in record time.)


Tiny Toon Adventures on the Genesis. I think I got to the stage before last. shit was mad hard. After I got to that stage I don’t think I’ve ever tried to beat it again.


Ninja Gaiden/Ninja Gaiden Black/Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I got really far in NGB I think it was, but then I think my brother moved out and took his Xbox with him. This was years ago. I own NGS, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

Was the FFXII last dungeon that stupid tower? Yeah, that’s when I stopped playing too. I beat a boss or two, got to some high-ass floor, then I just stopped playing because I didn’t care enough about the game to keep going, nor did I give a fuck about whatever the hell the ending was. Hated that game.


I don’t think anyone has ever finished that game.


Finished it, crappy ending but highly enjoyable game

My List

Jsrf - so long but fun
gta4 - too tedious
fifa09 - all about multiplayer
sf4 - shit


you should goto my youtube channel, beat Mario 1 every level with out dying once. Never finished Star Ocean 2, or Lunar 2 for PS1


Ya I never beat Ninja Gaiden - took me awhile to learn that jump and then I beat the final boss only to realize it changed forms or whatever. And then when you die, you fucking start from the beginning of the stage.

Also I never beat the first Metroid - beat Mother Brain but my jumping/timing skills sucked so i couldn’t escape lol.

Oh I never finished Shenmue II, stupid bootleg had to mess up at the end of disc 2.


Never finished megaman 9. I’ve beat almost every megaman befor it minus command mission, but when I 9 it’s like my hands stopped working. I got way to bummed out that I couldn’t finish a new entry in my favorite series I never went back :confused:


FF IX, was in the last disc, then i manage to get a copy of Chrono Cross, and just dumped FFIX, then when i tried to finish it i didnt know what to do D=, maybe ill get it from the PSN one day and finish it.

Xenosaga, got stuck somewhere and got bored