Damn I'm 30


Gotta be up in 5 hours to move

So the fuck what…


Happy bday.


Wait, Soviet is 30? I would have pegged him for 17…

Happy birthday ;o

damn you’re 30

19 is what I assumed.

Making your own BDay thread is some sad shit. Kill yourself. Death by dragon.

How many 30+ srk members do we have now?

Oh booze and smoke your sorrows away like you usually do man. It’s all down hill from here anyway.

Welcome to the club.

congrats happy bday

I’m 3 years away, and my wife loves to remind me of that fact as much as humanly possible.

Doesn’t help that she’s already there, and just wants the first number in her age to coincide with mine.

3 years away and dreading it…

I make 30 next year… happen so fast…

Seven Years for me. I honestly thought Soviet was like 16 but he’s been pretty chill lately, he is no longer in my Sensei R and Kusanagi tier of fucking hate.

Happy birthday dude.

He’s 30 in Canadian years. He’s actually 15 by our standards.

live long & prosper Sovi3t.

does it really matter after you’re old enough to drink?

doesn’t fuckin matter man… nothing we do is ever gonna matter we only satisfy our own self pleasure so we end happy thats why people say live your life…

so do it… be happy cuz no1 will really do shyt for you unless you have to and when your happy, the world is gonna try to take it away from you.

again, doesn;t really matter after you’re old enough to drink…

go get your prostate checked

Hopefully the next time you find a bangable girl she doesn’t come attached to a clown. After all, its your birthday. You shouldn’t have to blow yourself up for some quality pussy.