Damn I'm 30

I’m sure that could have been somewhat meaningful Nando if you spelled shit, no one, and the like right. How is shyt Faster to spell than shit.

Thirty is nothing, man. When I hit 30 myself, I didn’t feel or look any different. But Happy Birthday, fellow Canadian. :slight_smile:

Wow if I ever turned 30 I think I would just kill myself right then and there.


…now the Christian Conservative nutters have empirical proof to use for their denial of Darwin.

Keep fuckin’ up, Soviet.

And happy third decade.

My plan is to be stronger, faster and mentally sharper than most 20-somethings well into my 40’s. Being ‘old’ means shit, man. Look at Herschel Walker.

I unno
do some research,form a hypothesis, yadda yadda, and have it on my desk by monday morning

and call back my 1 o clock and tell em I do want a happy ending

Age is nothing more than the total amount of time you’ve spent outside the womb.
That’s all.
All other meaning is completely subjective and acquired by the influence of society and media.

Being 30 is pretty much the same as being 20, except that your choices have affected you for longer, and solidified a bit more.

(no Im not a pedophile. Actually I like older women… go figure)

It isn’t that bad honestly.

I thought only women care about being 30. According to them, their faces start to deform and cellulite multiplies on their skin.

Old as fuck son.

It’s all downhill from here. You’re nearly halfway through your projected existence. Happy Birthday!

Those are white American women.

Well kempt Latinas are hittable well into their 50s.

Asian women are good to go until 60 (when they implode).

Black women tend towards being timeless.

Soviet got pissed when he got carded for liquor BECAUSE HE LOOKS WAY OLDER THAN 30 (yes, his words, his argument).

This thread is relevant solely due to the mathematics involved i.e. astronomical odds.

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Happy Birthday man

I turn 29 couple of weeks ago, woke up today back aching, leg feels like it’s going to fall off at the knee, think I’m developing carpel tunnel.

You know what they say, you spend your 20’s breaking everything and then you spend your 30’s fixing everything.

30 is the new 60, retire and travel the world!

God damn you’re old.

Turning 18 is dope because you can buy cigarettes. Turning 21 is dope because you can buy booze. Then there is a big huge gap of nothing special. Turning 65 is cool because you then qualify for the senior discount.

Im 31 (I’ll be 32 in march) and damn do I wish I was 20 again.

Jesus Christ, there are some old motherfuckers posting on a Street Fighter forum.

At least we are not all at that Adam/Az/Ronin level where they are just completely bombed out and depleted and talking about their kids all the time because their lives are over and can only live through their progeny now. (By mentioning their names, I summon them from the ether like with Dark Soul soapstones.)

Thank God I started posting here as an infant and still have a few years left before 30. I would be really depressed otherwise.

I think this is because their baby makers start to fall apart around that age, so they are all like “I need to get something working in this oven before it breaks down, PRONTO” and thus they become even more crazy than normal.

Asian women don’t get uglier at 30, but they become like five times crazier than the average 30 year-old white woman.

With women it’s always like…looks, sanity, or is not baby crazy - choose two.

I’m 33 in 11 days…but I have no kids to replace my normal conversations about sister raping and prison roleplaying…

Lol everybody who thinks i was in my teens probably thinks my name is So Viet.

Soooo much shit in boxes. I have access to every console ever now. I’ll get pics up sometime soon. Virtual boy in all it’s glorious…red.

And yeah I’m drinking. 2pm is a great time to start. If you say Jack Daniels name three times a drink appears in your hand. At least on my bday it works. Sometimes I have to add a backhand or a loud shout but it all works.

When should I go for a prostate exam? I pity the poor doctor who (hahaha) has to look at my wretched hole. Therein lies madness.