Damn I'm 30

I think it’s in your 40’s when you gotta get fingered.

lol @ this thread. Happy birthday, Soviet. I turned 30 back in August, you feel a little weird telling people you’re 30 now, but the weirdness goes away after like… a week.


You should get a wheel chair before your next trip to wal mart and purchase some bifocals, grandpa.

A lot of us are older crying on the inside as the fgc turns to shit. Actually not really I just ball hella hard and bang bitches.

Happy Birthday. I’m turning 30 in march. Good to see other 30+ on SRK.

I thought we had RedD, BORIS, and FlamingMassofStupid33 for that already.

me too!
i can’t believe i’m close to 40…and not movie star 40, which looks 20ish, but real life 40.

at least i’m still immature at heart.

cry moar old man :coffee:

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd cut!

Happy Bday older g3nshiroparty:

That’s whats up you living the dream! Now back to reality for the rest of us


parents kicking you out of the house already?

He already burned that down, last year.


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Not with that avatar and I thought you were 14. Damn, a bunch of skeletons up in here.

I thought he was in his teens because of his user name. So Viet? Sounds like an AzN rice rocket

I feel you! Gonna be 30 next month… :frowning:

Fuck I’m hungover. And I can’t find a bunch of stuff I packed up.

I went to this poutinerrie last night and picked up a triple pork poutine. Pulled pork, bacon, and sausage mixed in. It was two pounds of awesome and I lost a year of life eating it.

Having my actual birthday party tomorrow night

Damit I got two years. I must make a list of things I want to do before I end my life.
Hopefully I will still look like Iam 21 by that time.

You gonna start riding harleys and bar hop on weekends?

i dont give a fuck what anyone says once you hit 19 your an old fuck. An old, old, old, old, super fucking old, old fuck so that means your a fucking granpa. and everyone passed 30 is ancient. If your passed 40 your good as dead. ill be 25 in january, and i need straws for my prune juice. So not dissing you, but dont be so surprised you been old for a while now. So cheer up. Use this time to reflect on good memories, and get on dat Doppo Orochi status. Your never too old to be awesome @ life.

soon as i turn 30 im doing this [media=youtube]MIxixNK1Uxg[/media]

Shit i dont even memorize how old i am these days, all i know im somwhere in the mid 30s…Happy belated bro!