Damn love this te stick lol

i was playing fighting gaves for about a year on my tekken 6 stick. got the job done but it made me like try to mash a lot of stuff

this te stick im not dropping combos and for some reason i dont feel like i need to mash stuff as much. glad i got i lol.

I know right? This thing is the bee’s knees!

Eh to offer an opposing view, i prefer the HRAP series and think its better for one reason: the casing.

Cases on an HRAP are built like tanks, nothing but rugged plastic and steel. TE cases are certainly prettier, but feel a lot more delicate and i doubt they could take a hard fall or other accidental bump without a big dent or other, ugly cosmetic issue afterwards.

Whereas i could probably drop my HRAP2 from a good height and it would still be looking fine after. There are also a few select areas on a TE case where it indeed feels quite weak & flimsy too, but the HRAP is Rock-Solid all around.

When both are fully equipped with quality Sanwa parts, the HRAP gets the advantage imo.

I beg to differ. Unfortunately my TE has suffered some serious rage incidents and the only damage that it’s taken is one of the side things popped off a bit and lost a tab when snapped back into place and a broken JLF.

I like HRAPs a lot and like Grave mentioned they’re solid single-mold casts but they’re slightly bulky to be honest, also don’t underestimate the SE since its material is pretty flexible but also single cast and the stuff can take quite some abuse; i.e. me prying off the top plate with a screwdriver by wedging it in between the case, not a single dent or chaff on that thin rim.

Out of the three mentioned (se te and hrap) I actually prefer the compact size of the se. It reminds me of a taller namco almost. It definitely feels very solid. The metal top plate is really thick too. Other than having 8 buttons it feels really good. Not a big fan of top turbo buttons and all that either. K.I.S.S.

I’ve never really been a fan of hraps; the shape just doesn’t do it for me. I do like the newer te-s cases though, but they have the same 8 buttons and turbo panel as the se and original te sticks. Still getting a chun te-s though.

I always get confuse when both NiteWalker and True Grave make Post in same Threads.
The Avatars are so same!

Master Chibi did a bunch a long while back by request.
Team Light Kick ftw!


I’m on the OP side, TE FTW! :stuck_out_tongue:

I also like the simple, yet effective design of the HRAP case. There are just three parts to it: The main body, the top steel faceplate, and bottom plate. Whereas a TE has quite a few more parts in its construction.

Also roomier on the inside, which is more comfortable for modding. Whereas when i opened up my TE to check out its interior, things seemed REALLY cramped inside.

I don’t mind the bulkyness also, kinda need that for a good stick’s stableity. The TEs have good size to them as well.

cause the te has quality parts