Damn, my first earthquake (Eastern Canada)

I seriously thought I was dizzy and/or drunk for the first few seconds. Apparently everywhere along Eastern Canada is feeling this shit.

I just felt it too. I’m working in my lab and I felt the equipment moving and my screen was wavering back and forth. I was sitting with my hand rested on the seat, so I thought it might’ve been my pulse playing tricks on my brain or something.

G20 terrorist earthquake conspiracies, GO!

Yeah, my building shook along with my tee vee and couch. I just woke up so I thought it was me.

Felt it here as well. My windows shaked and my wooden floor rumbled. Thought it the wind at first, then I realized it was something much more severe. Reported it’s a 5.5 :wtf::sweat:

Yeah, I heard noises that I normally heard when there’s wind… I was talking to my mom, and then she said, why is there so much wind. RIGHT when she said that I felt the quake, apparently my mom didn’t… but she saw the plants shake.

Everybody around me felt it except for anybody in my building. Living on top of a garbage dump ftw.

ugh a jar of mustard spilled all over my dog and my socks

too bad i had a change jar above my computer as well

now there are dimes in all the most inconvenient spots

I live beside a train track so I thought it was the train at first but it felt a little bit stronger. I checked outside only to realize that there was no train. Fun times.

Yeah I also noticed it was VERY windy outside when the quake happened. I thought it was actually a tornado cause I heard the word on the weather forecast channel.

Can we start a disaster relief fund for this man? Something like a new jar of change so he doesn’t have to worry about those bastard dimes? =(

Did you scream really, really dramatically when you saw the aftermath?

Has anyone here ever had sex during an earthquake? Its on my bucketlist.

merely a whimper

but still it was absolutely horrible

Does he have a FOB accent & does video game commentating?

No, i’m pretty sure if Trite did commentary on streams, every viewers brains would simultaneously explode from the pure randomness that still somehow makes sense.

It’s my second earthquake experience, this one was much more powerfull than the first.

I was in my basement, which seems to be the worst possible place in the house to be in.

“I seriously thought I was dizzy and/or drunk for the first few seconds. Apparently everywhere along Eastern Canada is feeling this shit.”

With them beign so rare in Canada, when they start shaking shit up, the Earthquake explanation is the last one that comes to my mind.

Damn this sucks I didnt feel shit and Im in Rexdale. This earthquake happens every ten years or so according to CBC. I remember there was in one in 99.

More of an odd feeling than anything else. I thought I had an inner ear problem for a second.

I’m curious to know if there’s any SRK players near the epicentre that have a different impression. It was registered as being 70km north of Ottawa. All I can picture is open road between Montreal and old Quebec.

I didnt feel anything but people I know in Detroit said they felt a small tremor…

the canadian shield is cracking!

That would take some serious timing.

they aren’t rare…they happen all the time. Usually they are just so small you never feel them. I read an article once about all the earthquakes that happen around lake ontario.