Damn she's fast

Psylocke is built for speed. To catch an opponent off guard, dash in with a crouching lk and then go into any of tour favorite combos- the range, priority and speed of her crouching lk is almost unmatched. Psylocke has the advantage of being able to perform most of her specialmoves in the air, and she can also cancelher Psy Blade into her Kochou Gakure or Psy Thrust.

Jump-in Basic combo:

Jump in deep , tap lk, while still in the air , tap lk,lp,lk,lp,hp.

Cross-up Combo:

Cross-up, tap lk, while still in the air , tap lk,lk,lp,lk, then Psy blade followed by the kochou gakure.