DAMN SHIRTS! That challenge lasted one day!

So wtf ya scared punk. You post a challenge and don’t even leave it online longer than a day. I don’t even think it lasted 12 hours and you are already runnin like a pimp slapped hooker!!

Heres the deal instigator, first to 10, $200 bucks. Dhalsim ONLY for both of us.

Lets go bitch!


Damn…I love the silence :lol: :lol:

drops a pin …ding.

J “Pimp’n” Cole

Bling Bling…har har… Cole is the man…

Damn Cole never seen this anger/evil, ways before. Come to family fun tonite. friday night fun, Southtown VS RUN. :smiley:

Cole is my hero.

This thread is now a sticky.


If this goes down someoen record this and capture it.

shirts has political powers, he will get thread closed like ninja.
maybe cuz he’s team montebello, and he was born with super powers

first to 10, $100. A brotha has rent ya know.

Date: Saturday, Feb. 21, 2004. I’m assuming you want it to go down @ Family Fun.

Let’s do it!

First to 10, $100…I may be able to scrounge another $100. But I know I can do first to 10, $100 currently.

Dhalsim v. Dhalsim

I want to play the winner for free…but I am a scrub anyway, so whatever.

do that shit tonight!


as long as ppl aren’t clapping for no apparent reason

So the hermit comes out =) Hey Dream, why don’t you hook your boy up with a 100 so we can do this the real way. You play Dhaly vs Dhaly agaisnt him daily, dont you have faith in your homie?$200 bucks even, first to 10. There is no 20 a game so if i win 6 i get 120. It’s all or nuthin. Winner gets the whole pot.

Put an end to this ‘who got better Dhaly bs’ If you win Shirts, then my fro is off to you man. You got the better Dhaly, but if i win…I dont wanna hear anymore shit fool. Take your loss like a man and no cryin.

Date is set: Feb 29th at Family Fun.:evil:


ps. Afterwards I will gladly beat ya down for free Wilson =)

Hmm, I don’t know where the whole “your Dhalsim is better than mine” debate came from. I’m just into playing $$$ matches.

All right, date is set. I’ll be there, pick the time for Feb. 29th. Probably really early or really late is good for me.

ON A SIDE NOTE: I’ll put $50 bucks that Wilson will beat you in a first to 5.

Oh yeah PSX!! Where the hell have you been man? Why don’t you go to FF CVS2 tournaments anymore? Gotta come out and practice man!!


Cole, lol!

Yeah, I am a hermit! I’m not putting $100 in that, Dhalsim vs Dhalsim same character matches are whack! I wouldn’t bet money against anyone in same character stuff =P

Cole, yeah, we should play some games, but I am not using Dhalsim against you, and I am old.

Also, Shirts and I don’t play ST at all…in fact, we have not put ST in my cabinet in such a long time I forgot when the last time we played it against each other was. I have been on this Vampire Savior kick lately, and I still play XBOX Live around 100 games a week, but I still don’t leave my apt for arcades… =D I leave with my girl to go eat and to the movies and that’s the only time I leave…oh yeah, work too =P

But I’ll be there on the 29th? What is that a Sunday? I might be there on the 29th then to watch you guys play…

No crying here.

Damn yall are smart! Practicing so early in the season! lol. Dhalsim sux! :stuck_out_tongue:


I play almost everyday =D You are just jealous Apoc cause ya got nobody to play with =P

Gimmie your email foo!!!


heh Dream that comment was for Shirts, but you are pretty much hermit number 2 =)

Hey Dhalsim vs Dhalsim is a deep match. According to Shirts you guyz play all sorts of Dhalsim vs Dhalsim matches. So someone’s lyin to kick it !!

Guess Shirts has $50 bucks on ya to beat me, thats cool whatever’s clever. All in good fun and practice =D

Save your lunch money Shirts!!!


Feb 29th will be the shit. Make sure we get some video footage of this, 10 matches of ST should be about as long as 1 EC CvS2 match anyway :lol:

Actually, it’s first to 10, so theoretically there could be as many as 19 matches or as little as 10.