DAMN SHIRTS! That challenge lasted one day!

Damn! 29TH Ill be there, any side bets?.. I’m poor so 10$ on cole for me? Any takers?.. Anyways, come up to family tonite all. Imma leave in about 30 mins’. Fuck’um up cole! Then ill play u and take your money that u won. :lol:


$50 I’ll beat you 10-0 in ST.

Cole, then I guess you and I are playing for $50 on ghetto linked ST cabinet at FF. Great! Can’t wait! What are we playing first to five? What the heck kind of rules are these?

Also, we don’t play ST at all…but I have and can use Dhalsim vs Dhalsim against him in ST…I have in the past, just not played in ages.

In any event, wait, is that next week? I’ll be in Vegas with my girl…so I guess you and I play another time…you and Shirts play that day…oh well, back to XBOX for me…and not leaving the house…

damn Cole I wish that I was still around there. I’ll be at this one in spirit lol

LOL Dream :lol: I knew you would find a way to sneak out of leaving your damn house to come to family =)

No worries, I could tell ya how it would of ended up though. 1st game my dhaly vs your vega (tryin to counter char me huh grrrr) , then after i win, dhaly vs honda (dirteh!!!), then i win again dhaly vs blanka (have you no shame!!) 3- 0 now, feeling a little helpless next match is dhaly vs dhaly. I’ll be nice, you might pull off a win here cause you wont be so silly as to pick old dhaly like goofy shirts. Then i come in for kill, 4-1. So finalyy char dhaly vs Bison. WOOO Cole wins =) 5-1 hehe

ahh im just messin with ya man. We should seriously play some ST at your place sometime. I give up tryin to get ya out of your house



Come on Dream. That counter shit was funny.


Dood, I live next door to both of these bitches and have to pay them to play me in any SF game. =/

Will be watching this closely…:slight_smile:

LOL Apoc, yeah it is, cept I would be strictly Chun Li and Bison =D then I would wait to see if COle picked Ryu or SIm or Sagat AFTER I chose my character, then I would use the secret code to counter them ALL!!! MUHAHUAUUAUHAUHAUHAUH

Cole, well, find a ride to my damned house. There’s enough video games there to last a lifetime.

I bet Dreams house is like platformer(Mario style). You have to hop certain stacks of games to get to the living room and then you have to crawl under a game console display case to get to the consoles that are actually hooked up. Then you have to fight Shirts, the boss character of Dreams living room, to get to play a match. Then, if you win, you get the princess!..


It’s funny because it’s true. (Aside from the princess part.)

Sometimes it is better to input the code, (Step out, one door over, knock) to get the secret Lukesballs stage. At least there you get to play 3rd Strike rather than CvS2.

So um which FF do they have CVS2 boomers clairemont? or whaat

Alright Dirteh Shirts. Gonna make this on Saturday since all the tournaments are on that day as well. I won’t be able to make it sunday cause i’ll be chillin with Choi who is in town for this weekend.

So get your lazy stubborn ass to FF at around 2 or 3 BEYATCH!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to bring my money, or you will feel the back of the Black HAND!

J-Cole :lol: :lol:

Umm, it has to be on Sunday, I’m busy Sat. You said Sun, originally, so I made plans around it…

Or, like you said, we can wait until next Sunday.

cancel them beyatch, you can eat the punani another night. I’ll tell your girl not to trip tonight :lol: :lol:

Well, if we make this the following week, don’t try to run fool(we gotta do it this week tho). I’ll see if I can make it on sunday, so ill call your happy ass up sunday afternoon. Plan it for like 4-5.

Though you should just go saturday dirty bastard. Get this beating over with, it’s not like it will last long. ST is fast you know that.


boys: what happened? did you all do it?

Cole, let’s do it this weeknight…I’ll call you tonight…

Thursday sounds good!

You down for that?

Wilson will come. =)

Maybe, i’ll have to see with work. Weekend is always better.

I don’t know why you left on friday, we could of done it then but you left so fast. I know you saw me there too. Like 5 fools came to me telling me you were there, and then you were no where to be found???


I tried out the ST machine on Fri…the buttons/sticks suck. So, Shogo said he’d replace the buttons for Sunday.

I was there on Sunday @ around 2pm.

wtf is all this nonsense?? no one plays ST anymore… you freakin old farts with nothin better to do than argue about some old ass game… LOL!!