Damn this PS3 pad and it's R2 L2 triggers!


OK, long story short, fairly new to SF, practised enough to make me a worthy noob and my only squabble aside from having the inability to read Blanka’s style of play is;

Mister R2 and Miss L2…

I see Akuma’s standing HP, Light HK to sweep… and I do it about 10% of the time on the PS3, the 10% being me KNOWING I have to slightly push down on the trigger enough to cut out the lapse on actually touching the circuit…

My pathetic solution;

I switched my Hard Kick from R2 to Circle (O)…tried it out in training and voila! it works fine…

is it safe to say I should invest in a different PAD? not a stick (I’m not Hardcore and never have used a Arcade stick)

Thank you. Oh and **** Blanka:china:

When I used to play on the PS3 pad just plinking R2~O (HK~MK) worked fine for me for lk tatsu sweep.

The triggers are kinda bad, but it all comes down to timing and muscle memory. I know plenty of players who can do Balrog’s jab sweep link on 360 and PS3 controllers.

looks like I’ll have to learn! but do you think I should get the Hori Pad for the PS3? it looks pretty good

I can jab into sweep fairly easily with plinking and default mapping on the DS3. plinking isn’t hard when you use triggers

I don’t plink at all and I use the ps3 controller, you’ll just have to learn the timing if you want to do links. Same with the tatsu>sweep, it’s very possible to do without plinking anything.

I’ve been playing with:
L1: HK
R1: HP
L2: 3K
R2: 3P

since 3s, so the triggers aren’t that bad if I have to play on a ps3 controller, but I generally play on ps2 pad via adapter. Akuma’s kara demon stuff seems really hard on pad thou.

  1. What in the BLUE HELL is plink?

  2. I didn’t know you could use a PS2 USB ADAPTOR! I might do that now!!

  3. I just got beaten by a Adon (Hishimura21??) and he sent me a message, “worst akuma ever”…:sad:

noobs need love too y’know!

Shoryuken - The “Plinking” FAQ: Everything You Want to Know About Plinking

i got a the extra button add ons for the R2 and L2 triggers ($10) and it works just as fine as the X360’s

Thanks for the PLINKING FAQ, Will be doing it :smiley:

Back to my Trigger problem I just spent around 30 minutes trying to do the sweep after the L Hurricane and it ISN’T WORKING with R2!! I switched to O and it works PERFECT! I might have to use R2 as medium now :frowning:

I just tried the PS2 USB adaptor thing and it’s insanely LAGGY :expressionless: like INSANELY half the time it doesn’t respond!!

Which PS2 adapter did you try? There’s actually a whole thread dedicated to converters, including which ones lag and which ones do not. Your best bet is to snag an InPin converter from the etokki.com website; they are the best lag-free, readily available PS2-PS3 converters out there, and I am speaking from experience.

I might be ORDERING the HORI game pad for the PS3! a site has it priced at $39.99 which is only £24.99 for me ex. VAT and import tax if any…

Yeah I’ve got some bright pink USB Converter LOL it was a random one I bought at a bootmarke for like 50p lol

Do you think I should get the Hori pad? or should I stick to the PS3/Ps2 pad??

I’m still having an extremely difficult time getting that sweep to connect:sad:

I can connect his Hard Punch Close after the Light Hurricane Kick after about literally 1 minutes worth of practice and yet this damn sweep isn’t working! it’s been about 45 minutes worth of practice now I’m beginning to think it just might be My R2 button worn out or something, I’ll be getting a new PS3 pad hopefully today or tomorrow and let you know…

Do you have a link to which Hori pad you had in mind?

Also, if you feel confident in your ability to land the sweep with regular, push-button style L2/R2 buttons like the PS2 controllers have, you might still be better off ordering a converter, as they’re much cheaper than buying a whole new controller. It’s totally up to you, though.

Have you considered ordering a USB Saturn pad? Many pad players swear by them, and back when I was a pad user I was especially fond of them myself. You can typically find them on eBay and they plug-and-play on the PS3 no problem.

EDIT: Here’s a listing: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Genuine-Original-SEGA-Saturn-SS-USB-Control-Pad-Game-B-/250693512545?pt=UK_Computing_ComputerComponents_JoysticksJoypadsGamepads&hash=item3a5e7f6d61#ht_2563wt_822

Appreciate the support and advice mate, but I think it’s come down to this, I quit lol. There is no point of me playing, I get wrecked about 90% of the time now and I can only beat absolute beginners because I know they do their wakup Dragon Punches…

I just don’t have the time to put in practice everyday or even play games, wish I could still play it but I just realised today I’m playing in a competitive frame of mind, I’m not even enjoying it, infact I’m actually pretty angry lol…never mind, thanks again…

thanks, peace.

Can you link to this thread? i had a look on that site but could only find that inpin thing for about £13 ($25) is that the going rate?

I never thought about a converter to use a PS2 pad on my PS3 but i think it’s a great idea.

You got it man, here it is:


$25 for an InPin is fairly standard, but if you look in that thread, there’s a review by yours truly for a converter which cost me a grand total of like $8 and is also lag-free. Be forewarned, it has NO bells and whistles (no guide button on the converter), and I ordered it on eBay, so it can be kind of a crapshoot as to whether or not you get the exact same one I got.

The “Holy Grail” of PS2-to-PS3 converters is the Pelican adapter (according to several sources, it is the only converter to contain code directly from Sony), but it’s discontinued and can get rather expensive, unless you happen to find one on eBay for relatively cheap. I scored one for $18 about 6 months ago, but frankly the InPin is just as good and readily available for a set price, so it’s the one I usually recommend.

thanks, great info