Damn UFC!


Taking out all the glory of EVO!
I’m Brazillian and I can’t stand people talking to me about Anderson Silva!

They know i’m going to Vegas this week and they keep saying that I should watch the damn fight instead of being at EVO.
I heard that they have pictures of the fight all over Las Vegas now.

What do you think about this? Is EVO this year getting outshined (even tho it’s the greatest EVO ever) because of the “battle of the year” on UFC?


I don’t think so, for EVO we are in our own little world. However, I will probably go watch the weigh ins at mandalay bay =]


A bunch of SRK people are going to the fights as well. I don’t think it will affect Evo at all. There’s an overlap with the crowds, sure, but nobody who’s gonna be in Vegas for one is going to miss the other, assuming they have the money. Advertising wise, eSports (fight me) aren’t hyped to the public in the same way that something like MMA is.


I am going to the ufc expo and then to the fight on saturday, friday and sunday strictly for evo


IRL fight game >>>>>>> fighting video games


I’m intrigued. How much are tickets for the event?


lets go chael sonnen


Isnt there also a porn convention that same weekend in a hotel or convention center a block from EVO?

While that UFC fight will be good( I hope to hit the hardrock cafe and watch it with some peeps while attending EVO) its definitely not outshining the people interested in attending EVO. I’m very excited to attend this and compete!


wtf is evo? this is ufc weekend


A Mitsubishi rally car afaik

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I need to figure out where to watch closed circuit for UFC because I have a mintor with me. I’m not missing the fight!


The only casinos to show UFC are the Station Casinos which own the UFC. They charge like $20 a person though. Closest one to Caesers is Palace Station.