Damsel in Distress: The Discussion (Kickstarter Feminist plays video games)


I’m not going to point out any flaws with the kickstarter, or complain about the concept itself, because that has already been done to death. Just know that LordJim was right about the content of these 23 minutes. If you have slightest interest in learning about sexism in video games (for both sexes), TV tropes is your friend here.


I actually took that into consideration before I made the thread. After thinking about it for a minute, I realized that instead of bringing back the old thread and mix in discussion on whether or not this should have been funded, we can just deal with the end product altogether. Yes, I could’ve necroed a thread but fuck it.

The fascinating thing about this Damsel in Distress thing is that the men are never given an option about rescuing her. I never finished LoZ 1, Ghouls and Goblins or the original Double Dragon. Doesn’t this Damsel in Distress model imply that I am less of a man for being unable to reclaim my property? A big problem with the Damsel in Distress thrope is that there is never a “Rescuer calls the cops over stolen property so he can use the police report to file an insurance claim” option.


heh she’ll only listen to her own mouth running and not those who would not only give her counterpoints but school her in every other way. Of course women are portrayed the way they are in games! It’s a male dominated industry and the women who get in, never stay long or just don’t make any significant impact. Besides TVtropes did her job and for free in terms of an analysis. As for complaints and whatnot, guess what my GF did? She played the game and didn’t bother to wonder why Peach had to be saved and when she did make a comment, “Mario needs to go after some other woman” it was all but a simple comment. She didn’t bother to ask why there’s no female soldiers in CoD, or why they portrayed Mai/Chun as they are…she played and didn’t give a fuck and she had fun! things like these have been done to death. This is why we can’t have nice things.

I would however like to pledge however a set of stairs and a punt to this kickstarter’s cunt. How can kickstarter accept that pledge? I’m more than happy to pay for that!


Its not news that she (or mainline feminism) is dumb.

Check out her youtube channel for the lols: https://www.youtube.com/user/feministfrequency?feature=watch

I say never-mind the comments asking people to hush up and ignore the videos if you dont support them. Lets give her the attention; why not? Its really funny and really stupid. I cannot imagine airtime actually helping her arguments unless your cranium is already a little soft.

Here she explains the tyrannical misogynistic conspiracy to make sure girls suck at math:

Because market data isn’t a thing.


Disagreed. Dishonest feminist trolling is the new thing, and it, like planking and Gagnam Stahh and Harlem Shake, needs to be deconstructed and exposed for the illogical bullshit that it is, so everyone can move on and throw their attention at some other bullshit.


I am with Val here, i don’t have plans of watching her stuff ever, and imo you should be ashamed to have posted that filth here on SRK


man you’ve got high hopes for video game nerds if you think anyone is getting over this kind of crap.

honestly homegirl is smart as fuck. she is provoking an audience that is very internet savy and hyper defensive over their vidya games (look at all the dorks who seemed more concerned with the harmless criticism toward gaming than anything else when the newtown shooting happened). you can’t ask for better free promotion. in the end she got $150k to make a youtube video, and somehow random forum posters on video game sites feel smarter than her because they can anonymously tear apart her project among a community of overwhelming like minded people.

and thank you saved draft!! ghost of xenforo almost got me :wink:


the one thing i’m going to give this video is at least the broad was smart enough to turn off rating and commenting on the video.

that being said, bitches complaining about sexism in video games are dumb because they just whine about the sexist tropes in entertainment in general.


Women used to have to degrade themselves to get money from strange men. Now Internet white knight neckbeards are paying women, for the honor of degrading themselves! It’s a brilliant hustle if nothing else.


My THOUGHT PROVOKING thread gets closed but the same fucking thread for this shit gets made again, PLUGGING this stupid bitches so called work?

lol, fuck all you niggas.


I need feminism because the patriarchy wants to shut down any venue by which strong women express the damaging material they peddle as entertainment.


She’ll get the attention anyway and this thread is just a drop in the sea.

In any case saving some chick is a perfect simple motivation you can transfer to the player in 5 seconds. If you were a chick trying to save her man or a Mexican trying to save his donkey then the effect simply would not be the same. It would just look stupid.

She herself couldn’t care less about videogames because she only plays them to inspect a short cutscene within them. The “story” of videogame is the adventure you experience as you play, not the 5 second cutscene that sets it off.


I wanted to post this earlier. People still get up in arms over the violence-video games controversy, but there’s already a base of counter-arguments to shut down most of the talking points you could make on the subject. Like when David Jaffe shut down somebody on CNN digging up the violence-video games argument after the Connecticut shooting. In the 90s it was a shocking accusation that caught the gaming industry off-guard. Of course it’s still a heavily debated subject, but you can’t make a completely reckless indictment like “video games are virtual reality death simulators training children to be serial killers, prove me wrong,” ANYMORE, without destroying your credibility.

Feminist trolling bullshit on nerd subjects is free right now because not enough people made a great counter-argument against it. That’s why it needs the exposure and discussion that ‘violent video games’ had a couple decades ago. If that makes sense.


I’m not sure you really can. The argument about violence in video games had a falsifiable premise. Feminism in video games deals a lot with perceptions towards characters which is subjective, and since 99% of the time its dudes arguing in favor of the status quo, they are fighting from the low ground.

In either case, you characterize it as trolling, and generally the best defense against trolls is to not engage them. What is the worst that could happen if no one challenged this chick?


Ignoring trolls won’t work in this case, because video games and other male-dominated hobbies haven’t really been attacked with feminist doctrines before… not to this degree anyway. Once the argument has been normalized, then you can ignore it, and then videos like this would just get crickets, instead of multiple articles and threads across different gaming sites.

I know it’s a problem that can’t be ignored, when the website for an indie game I’ve been keeping an eye on (AirMech-- a RTS game featuring nothing but ROBOTS and SHIPS and other gender-neutral archetypes) had to address this exact video.


vagina…the original jedi mindtrick


No, you don’t really need a vagina or lady lumps or even a picture anymore, you just have to identify with the “female gender” and bang you got a legion of Chris Crocker fuckboys on your team.


So we have to pay for womens dinners and be the ones to pop the question, etc, AND save their poor asses in video games, and the third one is sexist toward women? ahh, logic.
I’m not going to watch the videos, but all ‘video games are sexist’ people make the same arguments. We are not sexist, we are not saying you are lesser. Most games with peach and zelda are older/references to older games, where games were primarily only played by guys. And before any feminists say anything about skullgirls, guys like titties. Just like how she probably thinks robert pattison is sexy, guys have opinions too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw an interesting argument today coming from a woman saying that although women shouldn’t be regarded solely as the damsel in distress, there is nothing wrong with them being portrayed that way. I believe her point was that yes we need more Mulans but that doesn’t make Cinderella evil.

Just food for thought I guess.


Man, so people actually fund her kickstarter, so she can bitch and moan about how unfair and sexist the video game industry is.

I bet you she will still complain if the video game industry put more girl in a protagonist role. She be complaining about how game developers is making the girl protagonist too sexy or too violent.