Dan a hero or Zero

Most ppl who use dan don’t admit it :lol: but now is the time to speak

With Dan i have found that his qcb lk or hk are his best ways to get in close and his hadoken may suck but if it hits then its good

Everybody knows nobody uses Dan in a really serious match unless they don’t care like me:cool: but still he is good with sent assit ground well everybody is good with this assit:lol: :lol: :lol:

Post your thoughts on Dan

Wow, you’re like me. I don’t care about who I use in a serious matchup. I don’t even use Sentinal:cool:


Roll+Dan=More fun

Servebot+Roll+Dan=Too good

I’ll post more on him once I get back into MvsC2

Dan is nice. Does a good amount of damage with his normals, specials, and supers when they connect. Key to playing Dan is to make every hit count. In other words, you’ll want to be picky of when to hit your opponent. I like his QCB+K because it helps you get in close. Of course, DON’T USE autograph cards unless you want to die or only want a laugh. One thing I notice about Dan is that although his supers are funny and have tons of lag, they deal a ridiculous amount of damage when connected. His AAA is his best assist of course. I think if you’re going to choose Dan and actually expect to get somewhere…play him thoughtfully. He’s a mental test for sure.

*Dan can build crazy meter with his air taunt btw.

His lk autograph has a lot of uses (his Hk version sucks). First of all, it stops rushdown in a really funny way (e.g.Magneto). Second, you can super cancel out of it anytime. And Dan’s supers are FAST. Good as bait. Third, the thrown projectile isn’t useless. It’s acuall pretty good.

Never knew that. I just never bothered using them. Guess I should look into it.

I’m always glad to help.:slight_smile:

Just to clear some things up, the part of Dan’s Premium Sign that stops rushdown is the very beginning of the move where Dan quickly takes out his autograph and shows it to the opponent, smacking anybody in the face if they are close enough for a whoppin’ 2 damage. If the opponent gets close while Dan’s still holding the sign, they’ll also get smacked in the face. What’s more is that if you finish off the final opponent with a Premium Sign, you get a flashy super finish.:smiley:

Logically, never use the Primium Sign on Cable and on certain characters unless you want to die while the opponent laughs his head off. Always do it at a reasonably close distance or when the opponent is trying to rush you to death. The only time that you want to do it at a screen’s lenght is when you want to switch to your 2nd character and you want to use the sign to fool the opponent to stop blocking then cancel into Koryurekka and immediately DHC into a frame-killing super like Iron Man’s Photon Cannon. Also never do it while leaving your assist vulnerable. The opponent will not hesitate to kill your assist for free. Use the Premium Sign sparingly and wisely. You can also do it right in someone’s face like a blocked crouching lk cancel into lk Premium Sign. Call an assist if you want.

IMO, the Premium Sign is the best “offensive taunt” in the game (sorry, Jin players). I don’t think that Dan is either a hero or zero. Dan’s just…DAN! Gadoken forever!

Is Exploding Dan a good tactic to use? I’ve had that kill me before. Yes, I admit it.

Some people use it as a last resort, but I never even think of using it unless it’s a free kill. Unfortunately, most Dan “players” are completely obsessed with landing this move. I’ve heard people say, “Dan sucks cause he can’t land Otoko-Michi for free” Don’t try. It’s not worth it. Dan can do SO much more with his life and three levels. Heck, using him as an AA assist is already worth the trouble.

In other words, use Otoko-Michi only if it’s a free kill. Otherwise, focus on beating the opponent instead of spending the ENTIRE match trying to find an opening to land the super, cause you won’t.

Dans’s exploding move is cool cancel into it. its just something to laugh at if you hit somebody with it and if you do get somebody(not the comp) just let its all out i mean laugh your head off:lol: :lol: :lol: i found my new team Dan, Ryu, Serv-bot better then you think :stuck_out_tongue:

Ninja Suit… LOL

In honor of this thread and all avid Dan players, I want you all to know that I picked him lastnight against my one friend at the arcade and beat him 5 times in a row. Team was Omega Red/Cable/Dan.

God Bless Danmerica



Good Job! Since you said that you were not really into Dan a while ago, I am guessing that Omega Red and Cable did most of the job with Dan anti-air as assist:) I hope that you get the hang of his soon.

I made up two teams that uses Dan The first is the famous “I suck” team (Servebot, Roll, Dan). This team takes damage bad, hardly does any damage themselves. The second team that I use with Dan is:

Bone Wolverine (ground or variety), Dan (anti-air), Akuma (projectile)

I call it the “I take damage really bad” team or something. This team is actually decent. Akuma can do surprisingly well by himself. He is fast enough to escape traps and can do 50% damage off a launcher and 75% damage off a jump in (on default console damage setting).

YAY Dan is #1 :lol: :lol:

Dan is Capcoms way to make fun of Snk just thought you all wanted to know

Jumping taunts are not the best way to build meter cause they give you only a little. Anyway, what’s interesting is that Dan taunts gives you meter at the very beginning of the move! That means that after landing a Otoko-Michi and killing a guy:) , then Storm comes in and tries to kill you but you jump around to annoy her a bit until she is forced to Hailstorm you to shut you up, then you immediately do a rolling taunt to get a nice chunk of meter before dying:D You will earn the meter cause you get it at the beginning of the taunt and keep it no matter if you get hit or not:D

dan= akuma’s brother.


lol, there was this one guy in an arcade playin’ Marvel VS Capcom 2 an’ actin’ really hot… I challenged im and took Cable, Storm and Zangief, I like-totally crushed him, he kept on challenging me and losing, eventually the Capcom VS SNK 2 Machine was free so I gave the helm to my pal (who suxoarz) and got my ass kicked at CvS 2, I went back to the MvsC2 Machine and my friend had lost, I challenged him again and too Servbot, Roll and Dan… I almost lost… then won… the guy was like crying… he committed Seppukku the next day!:lol: 'twas sweet

Suicide is





nope, suicide is not a joking matorr…:sweat:


I’m pretty good with Dan, to say so myself, but I highly doubt I’d be able to take out a top fighter (that is to say cheapass) with Cable, Cyc, Mag, Sent, or Storm… so basically any top-tier fighter controlled by an expert rusher or raper…

and can anyone help me with the timing on Dan’s infinite? the part where you have to cancel c.lk -> mp -> hk is really screwing me up…