Dan and his place of birth



Apparently it is Hong Kong. He has a Japanese name and a Japanese father, but he has the Hong Kong flag. Has anyone ever figured this out? There is nothing about Dan that hints at him being of Chinese descent, except for his standing stance which kind of looks like Chun Li’s, but that doesn’t really mean anything. @.@


Yep, he was born in Hong Kong, but he’s of Japanese descent as far as I know.


Did Capcom ever mention why he was born in HK or they did it just for kicks?


Just because really, don’t think they’ve gone into details about his past other than the thing about his father and Sagat and that he was briefly taught by Gouken.

How many characters have a well developed history anyways? None :razzy:


True… but it’s just so random to mess around with his place of birth like that. It’s not like we didn’t already have Fei Long as Hong Kong represent.


Be good if he had a more developed story. I always assumed he was from HK but it seems he was just born there.


I’m not sure if wiki is a reliable source for this, but here’s something I found:

Seems like he wasn’t really born in HK, according to this wiki.


“Dan returns to Hong Kong and sets up his Saikyo-ryu Dojo.” Street fighter wiki
"Dan Hibiki was a Hong Kong born Japanese boy who learned martial arts from [COLOR=#0043bf]Gouken, " Capcom wiki [/COLOR]http://capcom.wikia.com/wiki/Dan

It seems born in Hong Kong but actually Japanese descent is the verdict, he also prefers to live in Hong Kong it seems something to do with father perhaps.


Its Dan, he does what he wants when we wants and thats that!!!


Interestingly, when Dan is stunned, he’s forced into a disgraceful pose where’s he’s bent over on all fours, gasping for air, as if he’s begging for mercy. This was done to humiliate Robert since it resembles the same pose Robert assumed when defeated in the original art of fighting.