Dan Combos and Glitches



List your favorite combos here using standard abbreviation conventions. Include the proper damage from the training data in training mode.

Make sure to perform the combo when the opponent has a full lifebar, because otherwise the damage will be reduced depending on how low the opponent’s health is.

Also, discuss any glitches or bugs the character has.

I’ll update this first post so once thing are found etc, no one has to read thru xx amount of pages.

Standard Notation For Motions/Moves/Combos

Dan’s Trial Mode Moves/Combos (Courtesy of Dannycat)
[Normal 1] [Normal Moves]

  1. :hk:
  2. :hp:
  3. j.:hp:+:hk:
  4. cr.:hp:+:hk:

[Normal 2] [Special Moves]

  1. :qcf:+:p:
  2. :dp:+:p:
  3. :qcb:+:k:
  4. j.:qcb:+:k:
  5. :qcf::qcf:+:p:
  6. :qcf::qcf:+:hp:+:hk:
  7. :qcf::qcf::+:3p:

[Normal 3] [2-in-1’s]

  1. :mp: xx :qcf:+:p:
  2. :hp: xx :dp:+:p:
  3. cr.:hp: xx :qcb:+:k:
  4. cr.:mk: xx :dp:+:p:
  5. :hk: xx :mp:+:mk:

[Normal 4] [Normal Combos]

  1. j.:hk: -> cr.:hp: xx :qcb:+:k:
  2. j.:hk: -> :hp: xx :dp:+:p:
  3. j.:hk: -> cr.:mp: xx :qcf:+:p: xx :qcf::qcf:+:p:
  4. j.:hp: -> :hk: xx :qcf::qcf:+:p:
  5. :mp:+:mk: -> :qcf::qcf:+:3p:

[Normal 5] [Links]

  1. :mp: -> :lp:
  2. :mp: -> :mp:

[Hard 1]
j.:hk: -> cr.:hp: xx :qcf:+:p: xx :qcf::qcf:+:hp:+:hk: xx :qcf::qcf:+:3p:

[Hard 2]
j.:hk: -> cr.:hp: xx :dp:+:p: xx :mp:+:mk: xx :r::r: -> :dp:+:2p:

[Hard 3]
:qcf:+:2p: -> :qcf::qcf:+:3p:

[Hard 4]
j.:hk: -> cr.:hp: xx :qcf:+:2p: xx :mp:+:mk: xx :r::r: -> s.:hp: xx :qcb:+:k:

[Hard 5]
j.:hk: -> :hp: xx :qcf:+:2p: xx :mp:+:mk: -> :qcf::qcf:+:3p:

BnB- j.HK -> HP xx QCB+LK
This is my recommendation for the combo you should be using the most. It doesnt do the most damage. But it is safe on block, and sets up for a mixup game of throws and backdashes.

j.HK -> HP xx QCB+HK
Dan’s most damaging combo without using FADCing. Use this to punish whiffs (minus the j.hk).

j.HK -> HP xx Super Taunt xx Ultra
Dan’s most damaging combo period.

j.HK/HP -> cr.MK xx QCF+P/PP or DP+P/PP
j.HK/HP -> cr.MP/FP or s.MP/FP xx QCB+K/KK or DP+P/PP
j.HK/HP -> s.MP -> QCB+KK or DP+FP/PP
j.HK/HP -> FP xx Super
-You can substitute a cross-up MK.

(In Corner) … xx HP xx QCB+LK -> DP+PP -E_C

j.HK/HP -> s.MP -> s.LP/cr.LP -> QCB+KK or QCF+FP/PP
(UltraDavid is working on which characters this works on)

cr.HP -> QCF+P xx Taunt Super xx Ultra (50% Damage) -Tizoc


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Suggestion: link to the standard abbreviation conventions. Both for the newbies and those of us who haven’t written combo notation in ages and need a refresher.

EDIT - You’re awesome! :tup:


Jumping HK–>Cr. MK–>QCF+P
Lvl. 2 Focus Attack–>Super
Cr. HP–>QCF+PxxTaunt SuperxxUltra (50% Damage)


Every other character forum’s had posts today, but the Dan forum hasn’t had a new post in almost 4 days?

[media=youtube]yp8wrSqDpRs[/media]. Not all of these are technically combos (the first two sets are just introducing normals and special moves), but they’re all listed for completeness.

[Normal 1]

  1. s.HK

  2. S.HP

  3. j.HP+HK

  4. c.HP+HK

[Normal 2]

  1. QCF+P

  2. DP+P

  3. QCB+K

  4. j.QCB+K

  5. QCF, QCF+P



[Normal 3]

  1. s.MP xx QCF+P

  2. s.HP xx DP+P

  3. c.HP xx QCB+K

  4. C.MK xx DP+P

  5. s.HK xx MP+MK

[Normal 4]

  1. j.HK -> c.HP xx QCB+K

  2. j.HK -> s.HP xx DP+P

  3. j.HK -> c.MP xx QCF+P xx QCF, QCF+P

  4. j.HP -> s.HK xx QCF, QCF+P

  5. MP+MK -> QCF, QCF+PPP

[Normal 5]

  1. s.MP -> s.LP

  2. s.MP -> s.MP

[Hard 1]

j.HK -> c.HP xx QCF+P xx QCF, QCF+HP+HK xx QCF, QCF+PPP

[Hard 2]

j.HK -> c.HP xx DP+P XX MP+MK xx F, F -> DP+PP

[Hard 3]


[Hard 4]

j.HK -> c.HP xx QCF+PP xx MP+MK xx F, F -> s.HP xx QCB+K

[Hard 5]

j.HK -> s.HP xx QCF+PP xx MP+MK -> QCF, QCF+PPP


Just saw the combos I posted are on the first post, thanks. The combos I posted I saw in match vids and that Taunt to Ultra vid.
Can’t watch Youtube at college >_<, but EX Gaduken does not knock opponents down it seems SWEET!


Wait wait wait. WTF.

[Hard 3]


Thats a combo? you can combo ultra off of an ex gadouken.

EX GADOUKEN SHENANIGANS FTW. So I wonder if you can do this as a set-up for ultra:

As an example, do a j.HK -> c.FP xx QCB+K. Your opponent blocks this string. And if QCB+K is safe on block you through out: EX Gadouken, if it hits them you cancel into Ultra.

Oh yeah, I will also put this at the top.


I don’t think EX Gaduken is cancelable into Ultra, but if you input the Ultra as Dan is recovering from the EX Gaduken, the Ultra will connect. However for this to occur you must be in a certain distance for it to work.
Also it seems you CAN get all hits of the Super at the corner off some normals.
Super does 19 hits total BTW, the uppercut at the end has Dan move forward slightly.


Tizoc i was watching that video. That was 100% a 10 hit combo, and he did it form pretty far away. Its not really a cancel it looks more like a link. Still though, it combos. If Dan’s ultra can be put into combos, plus the fact that it looks liek it has good priority to beat a lot of moves, i’d say Dan looks to be a better character than Ken.

Edit: Word.


Yeah that’s what I meant; it was a link not canceling :karate:


A lot of characters can combo into ultra off a normal as long as they have 2 EX stocks. Dan can guarantee a combo into ultra off a normal as long as he has 4 (c.HP/s.HP/s.HK, optional Gadoken, Super Taunt, Ultra). EX Gadoken into ultra requires certain spacing, and the question becomes: is there any combo up close you can do that knocks them far enough back and sets up that spacing?

And as far as that combo list goes, -> is link, xx is cancel.


Going by that training vid, is the following combo possible?

j.HK, c.HP, DP+P xx MP+MK xx f,f -> s.HK xx Ultra


Nothing in the game, with the sole exception of super taunt, can go “xx Ultra”. You link into ultra, you don’t cancel into it.

Doing Koryuken -> FADC -> Ultra may work, cutting out the s.HK. Works fine for Ryu, and Dan wouldn’t even have to worry about whiffing a few of the hits, as it’s an autocombo off hit 1.


Just played the game today at my friend’s house.

Koryuken -> FADC -> Ultra DOES NOT WORK :sad::sad::sad:
I tried it with EX Koryuken also.

However, I did not try Koryuken -> FADC -> s.HK xx Ultra, but I will try ASAP.


Aww are you kidding me?

Can you juggle anything off of lk/mk Dan kicks?

really capcom? REALLY?! you were afraid dan would be too powerful?! ugh

it just annoys me after looking at the juggles they gave Cammy… =\


I think its been stated since, the 1up night with the shoryuken guys that Dan cant combo his ultra off of a koryuken xx FADC. The question is, can he combo it off of an ex gadouken xx fadc.

Also can you try and see if an anti-air koryuken xx FADC will combo into ultra.


Just looking at vids, that seems possible. I still think finding ex gadouken -> Ultra extensions that work from all distances is better, since that would burn only one EX charge for an Ultra combo.


I completely agree with you on finding the range for ex gadouken -> ultra. But it seems like FADCing the ex gadouken would work from any distance and make it a more ‘brain dead’ combo to achieve off a jump-in.


since dan can link 2 st. MPs, can he maybe do

st. MP, st. MPxx EX gadoken, Ultra

do to the pushback already from the normals? would be pretty badass


what I find:

Shoryu FADC Quater back midle kicl( second hit only)
shoryu AA FADC quater back FK ( second and third hit)

note that if during shoryu you have double contact quate back FK will touch directly without FADc or dash.