Dan Combos and Glitches



Using Option-Select Tech offensively is a bad idea unless you’re trying to turtle. If you think he’s going to try Shoryuken FADC, dash back after the Knee. He can’t FADC if he whiffs it.


You only OST offensively when you’re trying to bait a DP but don’t want to get caught by a ballsy opponent who just wake up throws you. So if they don’t reversal you can continue your pressure strings.


So more r less After the knee its 50/50 against Shotos? I’ve seen to many vids where Dan gets Dp’ed out after the knee plus getting hurricane kick for dashing back after the knee.


Just block/ crouch tech if that happens, or throw your own koryuken (FADC U2 if available)

Not really. theres tons of reversals (kens hp shoryu, all EX uppercuts, cammys cannon spike, blanka upball on occasion, etc.) that catch Dans backdash.


After a blocked knee, you are positive on your frames. Why would you crouch tech, and what reversal can catch a backdash on its ending frames?


In the situation that he was describing…

Idk but my backdashes get beaten by the reversals I said.


I found something weird. I don’t know if it’s useful or not.
:uf::r::df::d::db::lk: yields a low kick, immediately followed by a l.danku. Both show up as counter hits, but don’t link into each other. Two kicks for one button push seems kind of fun, but I don’t know if it’s safe enough to try throwing in a match. Anyone run into this?


You’re backdashing too soon. Delay your backdash. Ken’s Dp I think will get you no matter what, but Cannon Spike, Ryu/Akuma/Seth SRK, and others will whiff.




So you cancelled a cr.lk into a lk dank. And you had no block on and counterhit on. So what’s your point? Of course cr.lk xx lk danku is a good way to apply pressure.


That’s just negative edge… and what Kikuichimonji said… <_<


I hadn’t seen two attacks come off of a single button press before and was wondering if I was missing something.


Yeah, that’s negative edge. You can get a special with a button release as well as a press.


There is a really awesome combo that I just learned in training.
It’s really hard to time it since I play with my controller always, but I managed to do it in ranked match. It’s pretty fun to use it.


It’s far easier to do cr.MK at max range. The spacing allows EX Gadouken to spend a few extra frames in Active, giving you more time to FADC into Ultra.

Come AE, I think hit-confirming into it is going to be balls easy. <_<


s.MP > c.MP xx EX Gadouken FADC > Shissou for 3 bars, the hard part will be the FADC link and of course having 3 bars since you’d be using them all up on EX Dankuu :stuck_out_tongue:


I never really thought about it much, but does anyone else practice hit-confirming s.MP xx LK.Danku on block and HK.Danku on hit off of j.MK and j.HK? I just realized it gives me enough time to react and use either Danku accordingly. We really should get Sosage in here to futz around with the stickies. We needs us some updatings. :\


Well, the difference is 100 damage I think but if you do knee everytime youd be forgiven since you can tack of some extra damage in the corner with ex and it leads to better mixups.


is it possible to meaty far st.hk into something? it looks like it can. I don’t have my console with me right now.


brand new here…

hello, i’m brand new to the powerhouse known as Dan. been messing with him in training no more than a week. i would love to see the combo possibilities that you folk figure out for Dan in the future, especially AE ver.

well, these are combos i figured out for Dan all by myself ^^ sorry if they are already posted.
these combos work on Cody but not so much Ryu. works better on Wide hitboxes. and these are for CORNER. lastly, i do not know proper notation, so excuse my ignorance, i’ll try & fix in future.

j.HK xx s.MP xx LP.Koryuken xx FADCaway xx EX.Gadouken (288 dmg - 495 stun) "it should be possible to land U2 afterwards, i swear i done it once but havent since then"
j.HK.Dankukyaku or EX.Dankukyaku xx U2 (301 dmg - 300 stun) "requires all 3 hits of starting attack for full dmg."
j.LK.Dankukyaku xx EX.Koryuken xx FADC xx U2 (324 dmg - 200 stun)
LK.Dankukyaku xx U2 (337 dmg - 100 stun) "near max range between opponent when doing LK.Dankukyaku"
j.HK xx s.HP xx LP.Gadouken xx s.LP xx EX.Dankukyaku (341 dmg - 635 stun)
j.HK xx s.HP xx LP.Gadouken xx HP.Koryuken (349 dmg - 620 stun)
FA xx EX.Gadouken xx s.MP xx EX.Gadouken xx s.LP xx s.LK (367 dmg - 455 stun)
FAaway xx EX.Gadouken xx U2 (377 dmg - 280 stun)
FAaway xx HP.Gadouken xx U2 (381 dmg - 280 stun)
EX.Gadouken xx FADCno hit xx j.EX.Dankukyakui only got 2 of the kicks xx U2 (384 dmg - 300 stun) you should start away from opponent so that when you FADC, you are right in front of opponent giving you enough time to jump"
FA xx EX.Gadouken xx s.MP xx EX.Gadouken xx s.LP xx EX.Dankukyaku (401 dmg - 515 stun)
EX.Gadouken xx FADC
no hit* xx U2 (405 dmg - 100 stun) "minimum range starting away from oppoent = about range of MP.Gadouken IMO"
FA xx EX.Gadouken xx s.MP xx LK.Dankukyaku xx EX.Koryuken xx FADC xx U2 (433 dmg - 460 stun)
j.HK xx c.HP xx LP.Gadouken xx FADC xx c.MP xx EX.Gadouken xx LP.Koryuken xx EX.Koryuken (450 dmg - 750 stun)
j.HK or nj.HP xx c.HP xx EX.Gadouken xx FADCaway xx EX.Gadouken xx U2 (466 dmg - 620 stun)
j.HK xx s.MP xx LP.Gadouken xx LP.Koryuken xx EX.Koryuken xx FADC xx j.EX.Dankukyaku xx U2 "( __ dmg - __ stun)