Dan Combos and Glitches



The rest I knew, but not this one! We should have even sillier combos come AE.


cool. can you do or know of some Dan CMVs that may showcase these 2 combos…

j.HK xx s.MP xx LP.Koryuken xx FADCaway xx EX.Gadouken (288 dmg - 495 stun)
EX.Gadouken xx FADCno hit xx j.EX.Dankukyakui only got 2 of the kicks xx U2 (384 dmg - 300 stun)

my execution isnt great but i swear you can land U2 after 1st combo… & i wanna see if its possible to land 3 kicks of Dankukyaku in second combo. they were the hardest to do, in a sense.


Yarp. Both of those are doable, and you can land the three hits of EX Danku if you space it right (or have really godly execution, like myself). The problem is that a lot of characters’ reeling hitboxes send them too far downwards that you EX Danku right over their head, either clipping them with a single hit or whiffing entirely, even if you do it as low to the ground as possible and as close as possible. It doesn’t work on characters like Ryu. Characters like Gief it’s a bit easier, especially if you can do :d::db::b::uf::b: or :uf::d::db::b: stupid quick to get point blank with the Danku to ensure they connect.

If I have time, I’ll do a little capture from Vanilla, since I don’t have any way to capture Super, but Dan’s move-set is exactly the same, minus the Haoh Gadouken.

Edit: Ha ha! That gave me an idea. You can actual Focus Crumple in the corner, dash back, toss EX Gadouken and FADC into Instant Air EX Danku in time for a 1-hit juggle. :lol:

As for the rest of your combos, we’ve pretty much figured them out, but I need to start a new combo thread. I still need to compile all the damage numbers for every combo variation we’ve come across since the original post (Made back in Vanilla), which is a pain. I hope I get a chance to do the one for AE, cause I’d be all over that shit. I may just wait until then, because with the HK.Danku nerf and the change to all of Dan’s normals, we’re going to have a mesiba.


how’d that idea come along, did it work? also, is it possible to do “j.LK.Dankukyaku xx EX.Koryuken xx FADC xx j.EX.Dankukyaku?” i think i was on point when trying it but no luck. i figure you just cant do 2 versions of jumping.Dankukyaku in 1 combo.

this for anyone… is there footage of this particular combo anywhere, i really wanna see it. :
j.HK xx s.MP xx LP.Koryuken xx FADCaway xx EX.Gadouken xx U2


No. The juggle state the opponent is in after LK.Danku only allows one hit of pursuit, followed by Ultra II.

That won’t work. EX Gadouken won’t keep the opponent airborn long enough. Also, there’s no reason to use LP.Koryuken, as HP.Koryuken works just fine.


ex koryu after lp koryu, then fadc away and U2 works too. if you still want that ex gadouken in the combo put it in after the s.mp and throw in a c.lp before the lp.koryu. full meters required to do all of what i just said all at once. without the fadc U2 it only costs 2 meters and 300 hundred something damage. so in a whole

(in corner) j.hk xx s.mp xx ex gadou xx c.lp xx lp.koryu xx ex koryu xx fadc xx U2

note* ex gadouken into U2 works if an opponent jumps in the air and you manage to hit the ex gadou at the right distance. but both hits of the ex gadou MUST hit before you can U2. otherwise you cannot U2 at all because of the fireball restriction, ex gadou will stay on the screen too long (lol) to be able to be allowed to throw the U2 if just one of the two hits on ex gadou lands. will this ever come in handy…maybe if you’re playing a retard akuma who is jumping backwards while already in the corner, otherwise don’t count on it


i know nothing about number of pursuit attacks allowed after certain moves… lecture me. as to the combo i keep mentioning. i just figured itd work on floaty characters, i can at least hit dhalsim with EX.Gadouken but not Cody… o well, i’ll just look for variations. thx



There’s a guide or whatever on how juggling works in the game.


I was just about to post some (CH) cs.mp combos I use before I found this…

I don’t find (CH) cs.MP combos pointless at all actually. In fact I use them quite often. I find it VERY easy to hit confirm from. Some favourite combos I use are:

a.) (CH) cs.mp > cr.mk xx ex dank
b.) (CH) cs.mp > cr.mk xx gadouken
c.) (CH) cs.mp > cr.mk xx lk dank (to begin frame trap shennigans)
d.) (CH) cs.mp > cr.mk xx gadouken xx super taunt xx ultra (very easy hit confirm ultra btw)

I like to link the cr.mk rather than cr.mp because often times because of spacing, I’ll push the opponent too far for cr.mp to hit. But both options work when close enough.

Two ways I fish for the counter hit are:
a.) Meaty cs.mp against jab mashers or those that have crappy reversals that get stuffed (aka electric spamming Blankas)
b.) j.HK (very slight delay), cs.mp to CH OS crouch techers [I usually condition my opponent after several tick throws]

And if they end up blocking my cs.MP, it can be used as a frame trap as well, although a pretty strict one. I usually follow a blocked cs.mp with cr.mk anyway since if they try and jab I’ll CH it and then continue with my combo anyway. There are plent of mix ups from cs.mp.

Just some of my input that I found about using Dan. Works really well.


Crouching Taunt xx FADC???

I can assume that this works. Solodio did it in training mode after trying to do it for almost 1 hour.


Does cr.Taunt have enough hit-stun for us to do anything useful with this besides playing mind games? Not that playing mind games as Dan isn’t a worthy goal in itself, but cr.Taunt, FADC, Ultra would make just about anyone put down their controller and cry.


Nah, it would be more depressing. More like put their controller and start saying “Ok…ok…you can do this…YOU CAN DO THIS!! Fucking calm down…sniff…calm down…”


Any more setups for meaty close standing mp? I was messing about with it last night, just timing it by feel, and it is certainly a good tool. My meaty game is severely lacking… and option selects too. Once I get those implemented I think I’ll be twice the player I am now.


I don’t really have more meaty set ups but another counter hit set up I like to use.

Another CH setup that normally works is after a blocked close LK. Danku. If you’re close enough, cs.mp will come out and if they are pressing buttons, you’ll nail them with a counter hit. A normal set up I usually do is: j.HK or neutral j.HP, cs.HP, lk. Danku. Most people have a tendency to tap a jab or something after lk.Danku… but if you time it right, hit cs.MP and you’ll counter hit them and can combo from there. You can use the CH combos I’ve listed before, you just cancel right into Hk.Danku. But I like to hit confirm, so I personally like to link cr.mk after CH cs.mp.

The best way I found to jump in on people is after a blocked HK.Danku. I mix in a backdash, neutral jump, or koryuken, or simply block to keep them guessing.


My mix up game is very strong, that, mind games, and knowing when to check my aggression and just play a solid defensive game is all I have going for me. The only meaty set ups I use involve Ex Danku, I don’t use option selects AT ALL, and no counter hit set ups. In fact the idea of fishing for counter hits isn’t new to me but the importance of it just dawned on me. Facepalm and all of that.

I think the realization comes from playing Makoto and Fei, you get so many counter its when applying Rekka and Hayate pressure. I’m wanting to try some things out but my damn PS3 has the yellow light of death. Again. Time to get out the heat gun…


Hey guys! I’m currently working on a Dan Shenanigans video that’ll consist of combos, mixups (Online), and funny moments (Online).

As far as combos and mix ups, are there any you know of that could help out? Here’s what I have so far as far as combos go.



Some of the combos are repetitive, so I plan to expand on them some how, or drop them. I also have a few more.

Anytips? I’ll make sure to thank you in it!


if you want to watch some of my match videos, (my ranked matches and irl tourney matches) i use some different mix ups in my game. I also got featured on liang hus funny moments before so maybe youll find some funny stuff. my youtube is youtube.com/spikeyguy777 in case you are wondering.

I can tell you pretty much every mix up known to Dan. But I dont use many advanced combos.



  • (in corner) L Dankukyaku -> U2? (or c.sMP/cHP -> L Dankukyaku -> U2 if you’d like that, doesn’t work on all characters though)

  • (CH) c.sHK -> sLP/cLP -> whatever follow up?

  • (CH) c.sHK -> KRK -> whatever follow up?

  • L KRK at high altitude opponent -> Super taunt -> U2? Just for fun. :slight_smile:

  • Edit: EX Gadouken -> EX Dankukyaku is nice, but only works in the corner and at the right distance.


  • L Dankukyaku next to wake up-Sumo Smash-spamming Honda? (beats it clean most of the time)

  • L Dankukyaku works really well at waking up Bisons… if they do an EX Psycho Crusher, you’ll jump over hit. If he does something else, like grabs, he’ll be hit by the knee instead. I think the L Dankukyaku jumps over his wake up Scissor Kicks too. And if he does EX Head Stomp, the L Dankukyaku will take you (if you do it right next to) far forward enough for the stomp to get over you. Really useful setup.

  • Tiger knee nj. L Dankukyaku works really well on right next to waking up Guile’s Flash Kicks. Often beats it clean… don’t know if it has to be L, M, or H Flash Kick though.

  • Forward jump towards (at quite a long distance) followed by an airborne L Dankukyaku frequently beats Guile’s intended anti air Flash Kick, Adon’s intended anti air Rising Jaguar, and Honda’s intended anti air Sumo Smash. I had a match once against a retarded Adon player and I had like three or four of them in a row… He understood nothing.

  • Airborne L Dankukyaku also very easily beats Zangiefs Lariats, but I think that’s very well known… Maybe all of this is, I’m not sure. =)

Super Saikyo Dan Match-up Thread

Alright, boys. AE frame data is up.


Get theorizing. There’s a lot of combo potential now, and some silly stylish combos to boot. Maybe we can get a new combo thread going with AE after it drops.


I am so hype right now. I can’t wait to see Dan dominate in this game. Still pissed about the hop kick damage nerf though.

Also, cr. MP startup reduced to 5 frames…does this mean anything for Dan other than simply coming out faster?