Dan Combos and Glitches



Of course. You can combo into cr.MP xx Koryuken or cr.MP xx Gadouken from cl.LK and cl.HK. This means he’ll be able to get far more damage from punishes and frame-traps than Dan would get in Super.

I mentioned cl.LK because it’s been buffed to start up in 3-frames and end with +6 on block. I’m going to try it out with j.LK to see if I can jostle some hit-confirmable magic from it.

Oh yeah. From cl.MP, it’s a 4-frame link. <_<


Also noted that close cl.MP is now +8 instead of +6.

cl.MP, cr.MP xx whatever

If spacing permits (shallow jumpin),
cl.MP, cl.MP, cr.MK xx ?


Yeah. You might be able to manage something like…

j.HK > cl.MP > cl.MP > cr.MK xx HP.Gadouken FADC cl.MP > cl.MP > cr.MK xx HP.Gadouken FADC cl.MP > cl.MP xx LK.Danku > Haoh Gadouken on someone for a stupid easy and stupid long combo.


Sad news, xj.MK > s.HK > KRK isn’t within reach on Ryu, haven’t tested it with everyone else but I’m guessing it’s the same story as s.MP so only works on a few big characters. Even c.MP is out of range after xj.MK > s.MP/s.HK.

KRK FADC > nj.HP is pretty tight, and yeah they can quick recover though I’m not too sure who’s at what kind of advantage in that situation.

j.HK > s.MP > s.HP xx HK Dankuu/HP KRK is possible in the corner, like you predicted Krack, though it’s pretty tight.

Unless you want to push someone further using HP KRK instead of HK Dankuu is better in punishers (obviously).

New jump in combo j.HK > s.HK > HP KRK (312 damage, 560 STUN!), 3 frame link I believe, works on everyone and good for hit confirms. Just out of throw range so need a tiny step forward to throw, if blocked. +3 on block I think so can use c.MP for frame traps. FADC and nj.HP for 382 damage and 700 STUN!. Basically looking at two jump in combos for a stun… that’s nuts!

xj.MK > c.LK xx s.LK > KRK does work but it’s pretty awkward.

P.S. I’m so rusty at this, I need to replace the crappy Seimitsu stick >.<


Yeah. It seems like a simple cl.HK > HP.Koryuken is Dan’s best all-purpose ground punish now. Spacing makes stuffing a cr.MP in between give you wonky results. It’s still more damage than Super Dan, and the Koryuken is a really easy link.

Dan can get some really good damage in with a bit of meter now as well by FADCing Gadouken into cl.HK > Whatever.

It’s also really easy to hit-confirm into EX Gadouken FADC Shissou now.

On a lot of (all?) characters, you can do far.LP > Walk Forward > far.LP xx EX Danku.

Also, nothing but good things from my experiments with nj.HP spike. It leaves you +10 at the very least, give or take a couple frames for variable wake up timing between characters. Perfect for a meaty-normal setup, even at midscreen. cl.HK > Koryuken FADC nj.HP is an easy 560 Stun as well (On top of being good damage). This can lead to dizzy on ALL characters if the meaty normal connects.

cl.HK > HP.Koryuken FADC nj.HP … Meaty cl.HK > Hit-confirm (Or even frame-trap if they block it!) Koryuken = 1000 Stun + Massive Damage!

Swap Koryuken for a hit-confirmable cr.MP xx EX Danku and you get 1100 Stun. If you land counter-hit at any point in the combo, I think the stun breaks 1200.

Learn to hit-confirm Counter-hit cl.MP for a very easy link into Shissou. The window is at least 2-3 frames. :smiley:

Also, while it sucks that you’re not hitting low, xup.j.LK > cl.LK > cr.MP in the corner is pretty good now. Obviously it’s not mash-proof, but the frame advantage will allow you to blow up techs. If you land xup.j.LK as a Counter-hit, it all combos rather easily. You can even hit-confirm into Gadouken FADC for big damage. A lot of the Gadouken FADC options don’t work on most characters mid-screen, but all seems well for the corner-based shenanigans.

Also, also. Learn to plink nj.HP with MP and HP for a much easier time. The window to land it differs on certain characters. You can’t even land it on Yun in the corner, from what I can tell. If you mess up the plink, and are too early with HP, the MP will come out. :smiley: :smiley:

Also, also, also. j.MK and x-up.MK > cl.LK is a blockstring. <_____<


Well, it seems that Makoto can beat my Dan now. I"m sad, they are HARDER to beat now, damn those buffs. But Oni’s little overhead attack can work as a shenanigan, just like Dan’s kicks, works well.
Also, I LOVE DAN’S crMP!!!
One combo I did was crMP-crMP-Koryu
And the famous sHK-crMP-Koryu


Cammy seems like she s hard to hit with FADC nj.HP as well, some times dan with turn in the complete opposite direction if your timing isn’t right and hit the empty air behind him >.<


Yeah. cr.MP is +5 on hit, and starts up in 5 frames now. This makes it faster than cr.MK by 2 frames and cl.MP by 1 frame.


Characters that xj.MK > s.HK > KRK work on:
Gen (link seems iffy or tighter)
DeeJay (iffy, seems like start of hit animation moves him out of range where latter part is in range)
Evil Ryu

Characters that xj.MK > s.MP xx KRK work on when can’t use s.HK:

Characters neither s.HK or s.MP will work on:
El Fuerte, option: s.MP > c.MP xx EX Dankuu (wait until he’s hunched over fully)

  • If you miss the link the KRK will whiff so can’t FADC.
    ** Have to land the xj.MK really deep.

Looking at that doesn’t look as bad, actually looks pretty good. Sucks that j.MK has such weak stun making a few characters really hard to link it with the s.HK, think most of them can use s.MP instead for an easier link (doesn’t work with Rose).


Oh yeah. Counter-hit far.LP combos into Gadouken now.


That made me laugh :lol: Top tier fo sho!

s.HK/s.MP/c.MP > c.MP xx KRK looks to be corner only.


ohhhh man…dan can now do CH close s.mp, ultra…


Yeah good luck hit-confirming a single s.MP then counter-hit-confirming that and landing the link. If you can do all that in a random, match environment then maybe you should be working for NASA instead of playing video games :rofl:


I can do it pretty much 95% of the time with cammy U1 and cody U2 in live matches. About 70% of the time with Fei long U1 and Ryu U2. You just need counter hit setups and be able to react to the counter hit message that pops up on screen. It’s a super safe mix up option that’s leads to a lot of damage because if they try to crouch tech or mash a button in between something like close s.lk, step forward close s.mp you score CH into ultra. If they block you can react fast enough to throw out a far s.lk to keep them honest about trying to jump or hit a button.


s.MP is only active for 2 frames and is reasonably quick, not an ideal attack for counter-hit-confirming. I’ll believe it when I see it :stuck_out_tongue:


Active frames have nothing to do with how viable a move is for a counterhit situation. Start up frames determine viability.
example with cammy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0ZtLH4_DzA&t=3m51s

I was messing with dan and he can do the same crouch tech traps with his close s.lk into s.mp


Yeah… Counter-hit viability comes from total frames of the move. cl.MP has a slow animation. It just doesn’t seem like it by having boatloads of hit-stun.


Cant believe this nigga is dead in sfxt.

Ono best be trollin. final boss better be Shin Dan with lazer eyes and big pink wings



Methinks Cammy’s c.HP is longer than Dan’s s.MP but I dunno, I’m no super human so best of luck to the lucky ones that can do that shit :lol:


The hitstun on his mp is long enough to confirm the counter hit. It’s way longer than ryu’s c.mp and fei’s close mp and i can confirm ultra off of both of those. The key is to look for the counter hit.