Dan Combos and Glitches



I guess if you see the CH sign pop up you know you’ve hit them but that’s some tricky shit. I find it hard enough to hit confirm from three attacks, confirming from one is probably not something any ordinary Joe can do and you need to be buffering the Ultra motion AND nail the link. Kudos to anyone who can do it but it’s pretty pro level stuff.


Dudes! Most fun corner combo against crouching Honda (through him all corner combos are made possible :rofl:).

j.HK > (close) s.MP > (close) s.MP > c.MP xx EX Gadouken > Shissou :smiley:


The link itself is pretty gaping. The Ultra can even be triggered with Negative Edge if you fudged it too soon. I’ve never had trouble buffering, either. <_<

If it doesn’t work, dash back or hit s.LK for a frame trap.

You have about a 25 frame window of reaction to the counter-hit. It’s perfectly within human means through practice.


Yeah it feels like a 3 frame link at least. First I tried practicing with counter-hit “on” and block set to “random”, I kept an eye out for the counter-hit sign and nailed it most of the time when it popped up. Next I tried with counter-hit set to random as well; going from “on” to “random” and hearing a hit sound without CH kinda threw me but I still got most of them when I saw the CH message.

Here’s the problem though; when there’s no CH I freeze and think “oh crap, what now?” I’m just not prepared for that situation (be it block or hit) and even with the gaping 8 frame advantage from s.MP I’m unable do combo anything, I usually ended up getting a random super if I tried doing a c.MP xx anything.

Since I rarely have anything better to do with myself you better believe I spend a lot of time playing fighters and practicing combos, there are just some things I will never be able to do (reliably) no matter how much practice. If people are dexterous enough with keen reflexes and reactions then good for them, not everyone is that “god-like” sadly.


Due to you already buffering the Ultra, nothing is buffered for kick inputs. Depending on the situation/spacing, look for combos/traps stemming from cl.LK, cr.LK and cr.MK. Pick a combo option and get it down to reflex on blocked/regular cl.MP, then practice, practice, practice.


AE Dan combos, some very interesting stuff.


This. Just practice other options when there is no CH, and even if you don’t do anything after a hit, you’re still safe and you got your damage in. I think this is really good for dan because it’s a high damage option to combo into his ultra without using meter or losing damage by having to try and land a focus attack.


I came a little bit by seeing the damage of some of those combos. What kind of link is Cr.M->Cr.M?


I tried it in training mode myself and it’s a bit diffiuclt to pull off at least for me.
I dunno if I’d call it a 1-frame link since…I’m not sure exactly what constitues as 1-frame link ^_^;


Yes c.MP > c.MP is a 1-frame link and completely useless since there are better/easier options. The only thing it allows is for them to be close enough for Gadouken to combo with where the easier s.MP > c.MP and s.HK > c.MP are pushed out of range (but not for EX Gadouken, which is what really matters).

Also, I’ll still be using Haoh, versatility is my friend :stuck_out_tongue: Shissou for punishing certain characters perhaps (Blanka ball comes to mind).

Edit: I was watching Krack’s last replay noticing the s.HK > KRK FADC > nj.HP miss, now I don’t think that’s bad timing as I’ve had times when it just seems out of range. Looks like nj.HP has less horizontal range than nj.MP.

Also doing something like c.MK xx Gadouken FADC > s.HK seems inconsistent unless in the corner. It’s a really hard link to hit but there are times when it’s not considered “close”.


Yeah. It seems nj.HP will outright whiff on certain characters, even at point-blank. It depends on their character’s juggle hitbox after Koryuken, as I can hit Dictator from silly miles away. nj.MP has a much better hitbox for everyone nj.HP won’t work on.

cr.MP leaves you at +5, and cr.MP starts up in 5 frames. Ergo, you have a one frame link window.

cl.HK leaves you at +6, and cr.MP starts up in 5 frames. This gives you a two frame link window.

If you land an attack in later active frames, you’ll have more frame advantage. A meaty cl.MP hitting on the 2nd active frame will give you +9 instead of the regular +8. If you make that a counter-hit (Which provides extra frame advantage), it gives you something like +12.

That gives you an 8 frame window to connect cr.MP. O:


Oh yeah. Here’s a fun combo on crouching Bison in the corner.

j.HK > cl.HK > cr.MP xx EX Gadouken > cr.MP xx EX Gadouken > Sweep/EX Danku/Ultra.

The combo puts characters at just the right range for the crouching reeling animation to have an effect on the when the last hit of the second Gadouken connects, giving you a huge window for sweet combos. EX Gadou variations like this are already known, but this one does a ton of damage, and is pretty easy. Have fun with your training dummies!

Not sure when you’d land it, though. Tagging a crouching opponent with j.HK doesn’t happen very often.

Actually, if you can FADC on crouching Bison normally, you may be able to hit-confirm this if you have a full meter. Hm.


Heh one for the combo videos.

There’s an interesting combo unique to El Fuerte; xj.MK > s.MP > c.MP xx EX Gadouken, somehow makes his hit box separate both hit of the EX Gadouken so that you can follow with an EX Dankuu in the corner or FADC will even give you enough time for Haoh Gadouken :o


FADC Sweep for mega-shoto style. D:


(Deleted old post because for fun :P)

Couple of silly combos:

I call this one the Gut Buster: s.MP > c.MP xx Gadouken FADC > s.MP > c.MP xx Gadouken FADC > s.MP > c.MP xx Gadouken
Gut Buster Plus (fat characters in corner): s.MP > c.MP xx Gadouken xx EX Focus Attack (Lv2) > s.MP > c.MP xx Gadouken xx EX Focus Attack (Lv2) > s.MP > c.MP xx Gadouken or instead of the last link combo replace with favourite flavour of Ultra.
Nut Punchomatic (on tall characters): c.MP > c.MP xx Gadouken FADC > c.MP > c.MP xx Gadouken FADC > c.MP > c.MP xx Gadouken

Need superb execution for the last one :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow. Seriously. I didn’t think setting up Ultra on counter-hit would be this easy. I can even buffer Ultra AFTER seeing the Counter-hit logo. :\


s.HK (block) > walk a tiny bit > s.MP, thinking is the best set up for it. You’re much more observant than I am :rofl:

Get a replay with you doing it so we can all see it in action :wink: Just a pity we can’t see the look on the other guy’s face when it happens :rofl:


That’s the problem. The reaction needed put it just on the edge of viability offline. I doubt it’s possible to do it over the internet. -_-;


It’s possible online. I have replays of me doing it with both cammy and cody. Once you have set ups in place for landing the CH, all you have to do is buffer the ultra motion right after you press cl.mp. If CH pops up, press 3p, if not either do nothing (and your safe) or pressure with something else (since you’re still at advantage whether you hit or they block.)


Dan’s cl.MP is not Cammy’s or Cody’s. Their speeds are different, and Cody and Cammy are left at a safe distance. Dan’s left in throw and mashed reversal range with no blockstrings to speak of. Not only do you have to react to the CH, you have to revert to other pressure options. I’m sorry, but I can’t see myself doing that with a 5 frame latency delay. :\


Yea i already know that most people won’t be able to do it at all since they aren’t accustomed to using certain parts of the game system. I’ve played a lot of A3 and cvs2 in the past, so i’m used to looking for counterhits, so it’s kind of second nature. So anyone with a background in those games shouldn’t have too much trouble. It just takes practice.