Dan Combos and Glitches



Orrrrrrrly, I did not know that close lk linked to cr mp. Cr lk close lk cr mp is a hot hit confirm, gonna stick to that unless I need multiple cr lks to catch someone trying to escape (in which case, cr lk cr lk st lp cr mk).


My problem with c.LK xx s.LK > stuff is the s.LK sometimes isn’t the close version, not sure why but might be due to the speed of the cancel. Is there any reason to do that over a simple s.MP and hit confirm that? Because it hits low?

Also far s.LP > c.MP works on some characters. I’m guessing at all/most the fat ones but can’t even remember which character I did it on :lol:


c.LK xx s.LK > c.MP xx KRK another character specific one though does less damage than s.HK > KRK so not useful hit confirm after jump-in.

s.HK > c.MP completely misses on: Sakura, Ibuki and sometimes on Akuma and Oni (probably a 1-frame link).
s.HK > c.MP xx KRK seems to miss on crouching characters when it hits on them standing (which is like the opposite of s.HK > KRK), Blanka and Honda are two you can’t miss though.


Cheers for the combos.


What’s the most damage you can get with Haoh Gadouken? My max is 527 (vs Ryu) corner combo:

j.HK > s.HK > c.MP xx Gadouken FADC > s.HK > HP KRK FADC > Haoh Gadouken.

See if you can beat that :3


BOOM! We have a stun combo on Akuma and Evil Ryu (in the corner) :smiley:

j.HK > s.HK > c.MP xx Gadouken FADC > s.HK > c.MP xx Gadouken FADC > s.HK > HP KRK (stun)

Does 484 damage and 860 stun, getting a CH on the j.HK might put it over 900 stun.
Two 2-frame links, one 3-frame link and two tight Gadouken FADC links. Kudos if you can pull that off consistently :3

Ending with s.HP xx HK Dankuu also does 479 damage and 860 stun as well.


Is j.HK/nj.HP > c.MP xx LK Danku > U2 worth using in the corner if I have meter, or should I further capitalize on the j.HK/nj.HP (if it hits) by going all out with meter-burning shenanigans for the extra damage?


Buh? That combo doesn’t burn meter. <_<


I know lol. I was asking if I should go ahead and use that meterless one or if I should opt for a more powerful, but meter-costing approach instead… should I land the starter of course.


I wouldn’t use the combo, unless it was going to kill or you wanted to be flashy. The loss of corner pressure will hurt more than it helps.


Yeah, I understand your point because of where the ultra would leave me if it doesn’t KO. Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.


It’s also not very consistent and kinda tricky :confused:


Really? I’ve had more luck with that than EX Gado FADC U1. I guess it depends on the character or maybe I’m just bad :[


It is character specific, I started a list a while back but gave up since it wasn’t working on most of the cast.

EX Gadouken FADC > Shissou will always be the same (providing you FADC consistently), still I’m thinking it’s a 2 or 3 frame link and with everything you need to do it is kinda tricky.


At max-range for Normal xx EX Gadouken, the link is larger because EX Gadou doesn’t hit on it’s first active frame. So doing cl.MP > cr.MP xx EX Gadouken FADC is easier than doing cl.MP xx EX Gadouken FADC at point-blank.


What are the easiest combos? Serious question I cant do shit on the PS3 pad.

-high kick hard DP is ok, but it’s not that useful as you get hit out of 90% as you for for HK
-I can someontimes jump in hard punch, hard punch ex danku or
-Can sometimes jump in medium, crouching medium ex danku
-cross up up hard dp

But I need somewith

A. easy
B. if anything exists without meter
C. I cant really combo of heavy stuff unless it’s ex dk because… I cant combo so prefer medium stuff?

when someone whiffs a shoryuken and they are not close I should do what? ATM mostly im going just a hard DK only dealing a 100 damage sometimes I dont even get it in and they recover and punish me


Easiest punish combos are s.HP xx KRK and c.HP xx HK Dankuu, use s.MP instead if have less time.
Not close after a SRK usually best to just not do anything since they’ll probably do another one, online BS and all. If you think you have time c.MK xx EX Dankuu.

Check out my Arcade Edition video, it’ll tell you everything you should need to know.


xx mean EX? I willl, I am terrible with Bison too might as well play the character I like, I just cant get combos together heh, maybe my madcatz fightpad will fix it, blistered finger from trying on the ps3 pad.


“xx” means a Cancel.


Ive got the hard punch danku down standing and crouching.
Got the close standing hard kick into DP (least most of the time) Dont like this one much though as I get thrown, DP’d out of it alot.
crouching medium kick into ex danku works well.
crouching medium kick into gadoken is OK anything else off croching medium? LK can work ok too

Crouching medium punch into HK danku seems a bit harder cant hit that with much confidence, dont even know if it links TBH.
Crouching medium into gadoken is OK sometimes do it.

What else is where? Im noticing a popular one online is
jump heavy, crouching medium, ex dnaku simple but effective. cant quite do that one yet.

Any other EASY stuff like hp xx hk danku I could add?

If I commit to a combo and it doesn’t hit I’m pretty much stuck with it, eg i do crouching medium it’s blocked… by the time it’s blocked Im already cancelling into gadoken.