Dan Combos and Glitches



When it’s a max range j.HK, it’s a good idea to go into cr.MK xx EX Danku, hit-confirming off of the j.HK > cr.MK so you don’t waste a meter. cr.MK xx EX Danku arguably gives Dan the most damage and advantage for it’s reach. This is because you can hit at the very tip of the cr.MK and are still guaranteed to connect with EX Danku. You can’t do that with Gadouken.

If you land a j.HK at close range, and you know it’s going to hit, you should go right into something more damaging, like cl.HK > Koryuken, cl.HP xx Koryuken or cl.MP > cr.MP xx EX Danku.

Currently, cr.MP xx HK.Danku doesn’t combo unless the cr.MP counterhits, which makes it generate more hitstun to let the Danku connect. The only reason to use it is to trap people pressing buttons at close range, as cr.MP xx HK.Danku leaves a small hole in blockstun and leaves you above the hitboxes of most lows, letting you blow up messy crouch-OS-techs, etc.

Learn cl.MP xx LK.Danku. You’re going to need it, especially with the cl.MP buff in 2012. That’s the one thing I highly advise learning, because it’s the crux of Dan’s close range game at mid and high level play. Practice with cl.HP xx LK.Danku, I suppose, then as you get more comfortable, move onto faster normals. After enough practice, you’ll be cancelling from standing LP in your sleep.


Also… sometimes the j.HK hits so far away that you won’t be able to reach with cr.MK… when that happens you should just skip the cr.MK and go straight for EX Dankuukyaku. It’s a bit hard figuring out the distances but after you’ve played for a while you’ll feel when a cr.MK won’t reach and when you do, it helps quite a lot. I think it happens the most when you jump over a fireball and hit the opponent’s extended hittable box in their fireball throwing animation.


A friend of mine cast aspersions about Dan’s manhood, so I felt compelled to respond by putting together my first combo video :open_mouth:

There’s nothing groundbreaking here at all, but hopefully somebody enjoys it!


Wow this thread is pretty much dead. Anyway just wanted to point out that cr.lk xx s.lk -> cr.mp xx koryuken is a good hit-confirm off a low now. I didn’t see it in the last few pages.

cl.mp xx lk danku can be a true blockstring. cl.hp xx lk danku IS NOT. This is important to remember because some characters can ultra you in the middle of it.


c.LK xx s.LK > c.MP xx KRK only works on a few characters :frowning:


Just do cr lk close lk link to dragon punch, it’s a little less damage but it works in almost every up close situation.


I can only hit confirm that off a jump in, and in that case I prefer hit confirming a s.HK most of the time :frowning:


Really? I don’t have great reactions, but with cr lk st lk there’s something like 20 frames to confirm into a dragon punch, which is more than doable as far as hit confirms go. I think you could be doing a lot of these things I talk about if you sat down and practiced! Cr lk cl lk is nice not just for the hit confirm and the fact that it works on everyone in almost every situation, but also because it starts up fast enough that it’s Dan’s only tight unpunishable block string after crossup mk on most characters, it’s a tight unpunishable block string on its own, and it leaves you in range to continue mixups. Pretty important to get down imo.


I can’t really explain it, it’s my brain, can’t multi-task. Think it’s 'cause you have to buffer the KRK motion then act accordingly rather than do the motion after the confirmation. When I play Seth sometimes I need to do three light attacks before I’ve confirmed the hit! :frowning:
I can do it after a xj.MK but not on the ground by itself, I’d have to resort to ending with c.MP xx EX Dankuu. It’s also a somewhat awkward link o_O


Hi everyone, I am a Fei mainer that plays Dan as secondary. Yesterday I started to bring him on ranked mode and it has been fun :smiley:
One question. Does Dan close LP / far LP wiff on crouching opponents? If yes, on who?



This glitch can probably work with Dan, in the corner. Koryuken FADC nj.mp cross under dash :)](‘http://shoryuken.com/2011/09/26/ssf4ae-input-bug-after-air-resets/#disqus_thread’)


There enough time for that? You land only a split second before them.


Noticed this in training mode the other day, don’t know if its been reported before/works on other characters

After a back throw against Ryu, whiff a cr. lk and do Lk Danku. If done correctly it will cross crouching Ryu up. This could be really useful, I just haven’t discovered the specific timing yet.


Hit him or just pop over him? 'cause the latter has been known for ages :stuck_out_tongue: Try mashing out a reversal against it.


Oh, well then. Apparently im behind the times. shrug


did anyone noticed that attempting to punish Oni with stHP xx HP Koryuken, makes the Koryuken to whiff? :eek:


It whiffs on Akuma, though I’m pretty sure I was getting it to work against Oni when I tested it before. Is this after a Focus crumple?


Hm, I knew you could link U1 from EX Gadouken on Honda like that but I didn’t know it worked with U2! Awesome.


does the combo clHK, crMP, HP KRK work on everyone? or is it char specific?


Very character specific. In fact there’s a better chance of s.HK > s.MP xx KRK/Dankuu working (seriously, check out my video).