Dan Combos and Glitches



Could someone make a list of characters on which the clHK clMP link works EVERYTIME EVERYWHERE? so no specific situations, no corner etc…

Thank you in advance!


Links like that are almost never affected by the corner. However, spacing is extremely important. So you could only say it works ‘every time’ on someone if you’re always at point blank range. Off a crossup it won’t work for example.


The corner DOES affects links after a CLOSE HK, and of course i’m throwing out a CLOSE HK at point blank range :slight_smile: And yes there are cases when it works on crossups (Juri).


If you know about his combos then consider doing the combo list yourself.

Also you can get cl.hk from a stutter step away and still be too far to do cr.mp xx uppercut.


Has anyone incorporated the taunt (the one that gains meter) in their game?

Looks like it is safe
Dragon Punch FADC > in crouch taunt


It’s not safe. <_<


First thing I tried to do when 2012 came out. Not safe, not worth it.




Today I got hit by a

Crouching Light Kick, Standing Light Kick, Crouching Medium Punch => Fireball => FADC into Ultra 1

Hmm, never thought that connected.


EX Gadou FADC Ultra I is a thing. The timing is really tight unless you can land EX Gadouken at max range.


It wasn’t an Ex Fireball, it was a Medium Fireball.


and FYI I lost this match, pretty convincingly.


Ah. Max range regular Gadou, then. Neato. Same premise as max-range EX making the job easier, just a much smaller window and likely character-specific.


I tested that combo MrsHowBoat told us about. These are the characters that this combo works on from my quick test.

Crouching Light Kick, Standing Light Kick, Crouching Medium Punch => Fireball => FADC into Ultra 1

Both St. and Cr.
Dudley, Viper

Only St.
Akuma, Dan, Oni, Blanka, Fuerte, Adon

Only Cr.
Sakura, Dee Jay, Cody, Rose


I’ve been playing Dan for the last week, fun character! I’m going to use him at my next tournament. Here is my small contribution to this topic:

Crouching Viper & Bison (Dictator) only in the corner
[*]Cl.HK, Cl.MP, Cr.MK xx EX Gadoken, Ultra 1
It’s very specific but it does massive damage and only uses one ex bar, you can also start the combo with a deep jump in.


i’ll try that since i run in to alot of bisons online :smiley:


Haha, good luck with it and get it recorded! For Bison it is more strict than Viper but you will feel like a boss afterwards :slight_smile:

One thing I’m trying to get used to with Dan is that beyond his B&Bs he’s got a lot of character specific combos and I think it’s important to keep these in mind so you can maximize damage at every possible opportunity. All week I’ve been learning which characters I can crossup and do:
[]Cr.LK, Cl.LK, Cr.MP xx HP Koryuken
]Cr.LK, Cl.LK, Cr.LP xx HP Koryuken
[*]Cl.HK, Cl.MP xx HP Koryuken or Cl.HK, Cr.MP xx HP Koryuken
All about those hitboxes! Meanwhile does anyone else think it’s dumb that several characters (Ryu & Guile come to mind) have “alternate” hit stun animations? They make a huge difference as to whether a some combos do or do not land.


i was testing some fun combos and managed to get
j.hk > cl.hk > cl.mp > cr.mk > ex danku to work on most chars haha
j.hk > cl.hk > cr.mp > hadoken > fadc crumple > u1 does 488 damage
sorry if any of these have been mentioned!


I just noticed accidentaly that you can hit a person who’s doing a jumping attack with a focus (which causes them to fly off spinning) and combo it into u1 while they are still flying through the air o_o<br><br>


That you can. : >


Ok I’m not sure if this is the correct thread to post this in but I’ll take a chance.

chubbyfingerz came to me for guidance when it comes to pressuring with Dan.
I ended up writing so much he thought I should post it for all of you.

So, here are a few of my litte tricks…

Well, hmm… how should I explain how to pressure… cl.MP xx L Danku is essential, but I take it you’re already aware of this.
When you do this string and it gets blocked, the first thing you need to check is if your opponent is blocking it crouching or standing. At lower/middle level most players tend to block it low, which is to your advantage. When this happens, you are at +. I don’t know how much but it’s quite a lot. Although some characters (Sagat, Zangief, T. Hawk for instance) are so huge that your L Danku knee will hit quite early even though they’re crouching, so you’re not as much + on them as on others.

Anyway, when L Danku is blocked crouching, you have tons of fun things apply to your opponent. One if the most basic strings, which I almost abused in the beginning, is cr.LK xx L Danku (blocked low again) > cr.LK xx L Danku, and just keep on doing that. Not many players know how to handle it. Why I like cr.LK is because it has small pushback so it lets you get, like… INSIDE the opponent. And that makes them lose control of what’s happening, I believe. You can also use cr.LP instead of cr.LK to vary, but its pushback is a teeny tiny bit bigger, but it’s fun to vary. Anyway since the L Danku is blocked low, you are at such a huge advantage you can apply any fast normal afterwards and make it a true blockstring (that is, forcing them to block it), which is what you’re doing with cr.LK/cr.LP here. You can also do cl.MP after the blocked L Danku, but it’s a little tougher to pull off as a true blockstring since it’s slower. Although, if it’s not a true blockstring, it becomes a frame trap. The risk with this though is that you can eat an uppercut. Lots of players input SRK xx FADC after having blocked L Danku, but if you force them to block a normal afterwards their uppercut won’t come out and they’ll only get a forward dash and run right onto your next L Danku. :stuck_out_tongue: cr.MP can be used in the same way, but most of the time I avoid using cr.MP xx L Danku because cr.MP has big pushback, and in my book, the more “inside” the opponent you are, the more damage will you be able to make, with frame trap normals such as cl.MP, cl.HK, cl.HP (although I almost never use this one), and cr.HP. Although on Zangief and Hawk cr.MP xx L Danku is good!

Another thing you can do when the L Danku is blocked low is to apply a true blockstring cr.LP (as described above) and cancel it into Gadouken xx FADC. They tend to be hit by that Gadouken, and if they do you have time to react, and do cl.MP xx H Danku or cr.LP/cr.LK > cl.LK > H KRK, or something else. Since cr.LP xx Gadouken doesn’t combo, the opponent tends to get out something in between the cr.LP and the Gadouken (the forward dash as described above for instance) and they’ll get stuffed.

Also, many players like to backdash after having blocked L Danku. Just do H Danku after the blocked L Danku and you take out most of the cast’s backdashes. Watch out for DPs though.

You can also try doing a cl.LK after the blocked L Danku (walk forward just a little bit before doing cl.LK, or else it becomes far.LK), and then walk a tiny bit forward again and do cl.MP xx L Danku. It’s a good frame trap, and if they don’t fall for it, you still have the pressure. It’s just another variant really.

If the L Danku is blocked standing, you will not be able to apply any decent pressure. Be ready with H KRK xx FADC if you have meter. If you don’t, backdash is mostly a safe option. Although sometimes some players backdash even after having blocked standing, possibly because they don’t know they’re actually capable of inserting something decent there. Grab can be a good option here too. And crouch techs also.

A risky setup after a crouch blocked L Danku is cl.HP xx L Danku. It’s slow, but if you’re facing a careful opponent who crouch techs late, this is mostly a good setup. But again, watch out for wake up DPs.

As for frame traps, here is what you do… take the setup I described above, with the cr.LP xx Gadouken xx FADC. In this instance you have the time to react to whether the Gadouken is blocked or not. If it’s blocked, here is the moment for you to apply frame traps. The basic ones are these six:

cr.LP > cl.MP
cr.LK > cl.MP
cl.LK > walk forward > cl.MP
cr.LP > cl.HK
cr.LK > cl.HK
cl.LK > walk forward > cl.HK

The first one takes the shortest, and the last one takes the longest. Depending on how keen your opponent is on hitting buttons, you choose from these (of course there are tons of other variants as well, I’m just highlighting the most basic ones). cl.MP and cl.HK are great frame trap normals because they give you a lot of time to hit confirm into combos. If your opponent crouch techs fast, or, uses regular grabs to tech which some players do, use the fastest one. That is, cr.LP > cl.MP. Cancelling this cl.MP into L Danku is a very good idea almost always. Note that often you have to insert a “walk forward a little” between cr.LP and cl.MP to be sure to get the close version out. But you walk -very- little, mostly. If your opponent is a more composed (i.m.o.) player and crouch techs late, use a slower frame trap. If the cl.HK hits (with counter hit), you follow up and combo with e.g. cr.MP/cr.MK xx EX Danku, (on Vega and Chun-Li you MUST use cr.MK here because they’re knocked so far backwards by the cl.HK (CH) that cr.MP won’t hit), or just do H KRK. If you’re in the corner, you can link the cl.HK into cl.MP xx H Dankuukyaku/H KRK, or cr.MP/cr.MK xx KRK (although these combos are very character specific!). If the cl.HK is blocked, you can for instance follow up with a grab, or another frame trap normal… or block, if you feel an uppercut’s coming.

A warning, after the Gadouken is blocked you can’t be sure you can insert a cr.LP/cr.LK afterwards without risking being hit by an uppercut, as Gadouken xx FADC > cr.LP/cr.LK is hard (or, actually Idk if it’s possible) to make a true blockstring out of. cl.LK is one frame faster so if you want to be sure of making it a true blockstring you can use that instead, but you must walk forward afterwards to continue your frame trap as it pushes you back.

These frame traps setups are applicable to lots of other situations as well, for instance after having crossed up with j.LK. Just do cross up j.LK and then some of those six setups above. Of course being DPd is a risk here as well.

As a last notion, smart and experienced players will get used to the true blockstring normal after the blocked L Danku, and deliberately wait with their SRK xx FADC input until after that normal. So be on your guard. A nice setup I like using when I see uppercuts coming is, after a crouch blocked L Danku, cl.LK > walk backwards > far.HP/far.HK (choice depent on the character you’re facing, on e.g. Sagat and Fei Long far.HK is much recommended).