Dan Combos and Glitches



Is c.MP > LP Gadoken > far s.LP > c. MK > EX Danku for the corner worth my time?


Sooo… if the recovery on the EX Gadoken is reduced in the 2013 patch, would this setup work for more characters? Or am I just retarded.


It would work on many more characters.


just a few things I’ve found out that I’m sure most of you know already, but…
You can connect U1 after a raw ex gadouken in the corner (obviously its dependant on spacing)
you can connect a cr HK after counterhit close MP
and I’ve found it helpfull against Sakura’s who like to nj on wakeup cr LK plinked Hk~cLK, this will also catch some backdashers with far hk coming out


Can Dan punish -3 moves with super? Or does his super have a 4 frame start-up?


It has a 1 freeze frame and 3 frame start up on his first attack. It’s impossible to start up this super after a -3 on block and hit the opponent. What you should rather think about is the 12 frame of invincibility it has. It can pretty much work as a counter super if time properly. I have even caught jump-ins with this Super, but it’s pretty hard since the opponent needs to land in between the gaps of the hits so he/she doesn’t fly away.


That means it CAN catch someone who’s -3 on block/hit. You can test it out in Training Mode.


wait does this mean that we could land Ultra1 off a cr.mk into EX gadoken?


It was a total of 4 frame start-up. If the opponent is -3 on block, he could simply hold back and block it. Or is there something I’m missing here?


Move starts in 3 frames. The 1 frame “Freeze” doesn’t factor into it.


Can Regular Gadou -> Ultra1(corner cmb) work on any character?


I’m not sure if this has been said, but, I found out that MP > lk danku > U2 CAN actually juggle outside of the corner, I got the full thing on Ryu in training mode just now. Sadly, it seems to be completely dependent on how soon you can pull out U2 after Danku, as doing it too late seems to only net two hits. It’s most likely character specific as well though.


Hi guys, I’m trying to make a statistic regarding combos (all characters) and I need a little help. I need 2 combos per character:

  • Best BnB combo
  • Best punish combo
    It doesn’t matter how many bars uses, but it must work midscreen, on at least half the cast, at least standing, and it should be practical. No jump in/counterhit/Ultra/Super.
    Also, if the same combo is used as bnb and for punish, then I list only 1. Thank you


Jesus. Anyone? I’d guess cl.hk, cl.mp, krk->FADC -> dash -> nj.HP


doesn’t work on everyone though


I’m not a specialist in that. We have our resident Dan prodigies here who will know this, I’m sure.

Here’s another guess : cr.mk-> gadoken->FADC->dash->cl.hk->krk->FADC->dash->nj.hp ?


I misread what he said but yeah chubby your right cl hk mp hkdanku is prob his best punish and bnb, I also like cr lk cl lk krk as a bnb. To punish I also use cr hp hk danku is great as it moves them to the corner. For damage you can always replace danku with hp krk


cl.hk c.mp xx EX Gadoken FADC cl.hk c.mp xx EX Danku is 430 damage for a full stick.


I think it’s a bit complicated that you’re fine with both without meter use and with meter use. It’s very tricky with Dan cuz he’s very dependent on whether his normals can hit close or not.
Anyway, I checked up the “works on at least half of the cast”-aspect, and came to this conclusion regarding best bnb and best punish -without- meter:

Best bnb:
cl.HK > cl.MP xx H Dankuukyaku

Best punish:
cl.HK > cr.MP xx H Kouryuuken

With meter, I’m guessing this:

Best bnb:
cl.HK > cr.MP xx Gadouken xx FADC > cl.HP xx H Dankuukyaku

Best punish:
cl.HK > cr.MP xx Gadouken xx FADC > cl.HK > H Kouryuuken

The question here is if it’s possible to connect a close normal after the FADC dash on half of the cast when starting out with cl.HK > cr.MP xx Gadouken… I’m uncertain of this, but I think it is.


dumb question, but is there a list of what characters cl HK cl MP works on, like if its jump in only etc?