Dan Combos and Glitches



GroundedSF: A question tho. In the previous video, you used far st.lp to extend combos, but why not use cr.lp instead? It doesn’t have the same range, but it hits crouched characters and have the same speed as far st.lp.


The one with the modded changes? No reason. It was just a demonstration so I was freestyling to a certain degree!


Modded changes? You can special cancel cr.lp normally, just like cr.lk. :I


Clearly I’m not understanding which video you’re referring to. I think I’ve only used far lp in one combo out of the last 3 Dan vids I’ve made! In general terms though, I suppose far lp is better if your opponent is standing as it gives you much better frame advantage on hit thus making combos easier and making it possible to link into a wider variety of normals/specials.


finally got around to testing cr lk cl lk cr mp gdk on everyone. it does not work on:
Dee Jay
E. Ryu

everyone else is good


Is that a 1 frame link?


Thank you very much nickdekline, that’s helpful!


I know I asked this before but can anyone help me figure out how to get instant air danku to work on a PS2 (I use a adapter on the xbox) or PS3 pad :frowning: I just can’t get it to work correctly


Hum… depends on how you want to do it. I’ve said before that TK:ing it isn’t recommendable since the height restriction on air L Danku is a bit high which makes it weird. Works decent with air EX Danku though.
Anyway I just do it all one move, starting from Up-forward, then just slide the thumb all the way to Back really fast and press LK. Like doing a reversed L Chicken Wing with Fei Long.


Thanks man, this is gonna take some practice :frowning:


That combo up there was reeeeeeeally helpful. safe on block, starts with a low poke, a nice 150 damage, and can be FADCd into more fun and shenanigans. Thanks a lot a lot man.


Didnt read all pages, but here are some things I did this last week (yeah, training dan. Makoto needs some rest. Haha).

Vs cammy:
Cl.HK > cl.MP > cr.MP > H koyruken (dat damage!)

Vs ryu/ken/feilong/maybe some others (anywhere on the screen):
Cl.MP > L danku > U2

In corner (vs lot of char):
(Cl.HK > ) cl.MP > L danku > EX air danku ( > u2 for fun cause no damage)

And now some crossup L danku setup vs crouching. It miss if they crouch tech, but you can mix with frametrap/throw) (note that you can use u2 or EX air danku after crossup L danku):

Vs dictator/cody/dudley/claw:
Backthrow > jump up > L danku

Vs ryu/ken/gouki:
Backthrow > wait a bit > cl.MP (whiff) > L danku

Other funny things vs crouch guard (must be very close. On wakeup for example):

Vs dhalsim:
cl.MP > M danku (2nd hit crossup)

Vs chunli:
cr.LK > cl.MP > H danku (3rd hit crossup)

Vs gouki (corner):
cr.MP > L danku (crossup)

Vs chunli/guy:
Backthrow > dash > cr.LK (whiff) > EX koryuken (crossup)

Vs gouki/blanka:
H koryuken FADC H danku (tech in corner) > jump MK

Vs sagat:
backthrow (put in corner) > cl.HK (whiff) > jump MK

I have lot of char specific combo, but this is the most effective things i remember right nos :slight_smile:


What kind of sorcery is require to make cl. mp -> lk. danku -> U2 to work midscreen on ryu, etc?

its not happenin over here!


Nice! Did not know that :slight_smile: Seems like you can also do crossup j.mk cl.mp c.mp xx hKRK from most ranges even when it looks like you’re too far :slight_smile:


Seems to be very spacing dependent, the lk danku needs to hit as late as possible. It works off cl. hk > cl. mp xx lk danku easier, or crossup mk, cl. mp xx lk danku. Also nice to have a specific timing for some of those lk danku crossups at midscreen, the shoto ones are very easy to do. Do note to combo the U2 from a crossup lk you need to “reverse” the U2 input to the crossup side, and it will autocorrect as they fly in front of you.

Just started poking at some Dan stuff again recently, I never noticed the stupid amounts of frame advantage you get off lp gadouken. Dunno why I haven’t been trying to tack on DP xx FADC U2 after that. And the meaty combos on crouching people are fun. Like, Cl. HP xx LP Gadouken FADC on a crouching Sakura in the corner gives you at least +14 of frame advantage (was able to link a raw Gadouken off it, but not U2).

Also speaking of lol crouching combos cl.mp > cl.hp xx mp gadou (or ex easily) > U1 works on Seth.


Nice stuff. I never have the energy to go into the lab and try things such as these out… That Cammy combo looks neat, I’ll really try to implement that one.

And the unblockable j.MKs, wow. A shame one of them was on fucking Blanka though, he always does things on wakeup.

Igor when I do that crossup L Danku U2 combo I reverse the first QCF while they’re behind me and then do the second QCF normally when they come in front. It’s kind of a twisted way to make an input, ror.



god damn man execution of that level just doesnt seem human


I didn’t know you could do Cl.HK > Cl.MP > Cr.MP > Koryuken on Cammy o_o


Those instant air ex dankus… I don’t even try those…