Dan Combos and Glitches



i’ll have to try that stuff out, haven’t been playing much since my last tourney, went 3-2 though. nothing like knocking 2 people out of the tournament with Dan :stuck_out_tongue:


don’t know if this was posted before, but I found that you can fake crossup with jMK against Cammy in the corner, but only works on the left corner


Nick. That’s mainly because the left corner is “smaller” than the right one. For some reason, it works differently. There’s a bunch of weird stuff on maps. Also, the Overpass map is actually smaller in lenght than the other maps. :stuck_out_tongue:


About the size of stages, I think it was confirmed that it wasn’t actually like that. I think they’re all the same size.


Really? Huh. It always felt smaller. The corner is true tho. They are not the same.

Also. What are you guys thoughts about the recent comments from Ayano? Not sure if it was a joke, but he mentioned that they will buff Dan but might keep him slightly lower than the rest. Here’s the EH article. http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2013/sep/21/ayano-all-characters-should-be-correct-choice-aiming-level-playing-field-ultra-street-fighter-4-talks-balancing-hardships-and-more/


It is expected that Dan will be purposefully weak. We can only hope that he is weak but viable.


I don’t really expect him to climb the tier list at all in ultra anyway, so it’s no skin off my back. I just want some smart buffs.


I don’t have a huge problem with it. Just a bit weird after all that talk of perfectly balancing it. If he’s going to be a joke character, I would rather let it show through the way he plays and how he acts. Like, for example. When teching a throw, almost every character in this game just have a small push back animation. However, the two that doesn’t do that are Dee Jay and Dan. These two do freaking FLIPS. You know why Dee Jay does it. He practices a type of Capoeira. Dan however. He does it just style on your ass, being the smug bastard he is. His moves are also very flashy, often having unnecessary movements just to show off. You know he’s smug, proud, a coward and have a ego the size of Jupiter(slightly bigger than Adon’s ego, which is the size of Saturn) just by playing with him. You know he’s a joke character from the way he is in the game.

However, I’m not entirely against that he might be slightly worse than the others. It’s pretty much a tradition throughout the SF series and all the crossovers. Like, you have this amazing cast of characters, strong and powerful, and then you have him. A bit pathetic and weak but still bragging on how he’s the greatest. He’s a fan favorite for that reason and I don’t mind if they keep that tradition going.


I dont think Dan is going to get any buffs in regards to bad matchups beside a better fireball. He is most likely going to get fixes to stuff like lk danku wiffing on certain combos/characters. Probably a nerf on kicks on block also


If they nerf kicks on block we’re dead in the water, might as well pack up the pink gi and bail because they just turned him into a toothless character


Yeah, I think I’d just not buy ultra if they pulled a move like that. Hopefully, they won’t.


I think it was pretty clear he was trying to be funny.


He better be