Dan Dp fadc question



I have been looking at the ultra patch notes and for every shoto it shows the dp fadc being negative with the nerf. Now on Dan’s patch notes that is no where to be seen. Is this a hidden buff sense he isnt losing his ability to fadc a dp and still continue with pressure? Or am i dumb?


Dan is the only shoto to have a -3 on FADC block with Koryuken, the LONGEST recovery time on a blocked FADC DP. Ryu, Ken, Fei, Akuma, Sagat, Seth, Cammy, etc. have -1 to -2 frame advantage on a blocked DP fadc. I guess it was the fact that Dan has very little advantages in many areas compared to the other characters that he didn’t get the nerf. I consider it a “Meh, Dan isn’t that strong, he should be one of the exceptions” so to speak.

This means Dan could get hit by a Super, Grab, or a 3 frame normal compared to everyone else who could only get hit with an Ultra from T. Hawk or Zangief (1 frame Ultras) after a blocked DP FADC.

Now with the -5 on block all characters except Dan will be noticeably easy to counter.