Dan Hibiki on Twitter

I don’t know if this is of interest to anyone, but there’s a Dan Hibiki feed on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DanHibiki

He’s relatively active and entertaining.

Ah wicked, i might now have to join twitter. thanks.

[media=youtube]MKjQyJjK7CY"[/media] is the name of the guy who made the twitter profile, he’s an absolute riot. Also runs Eegra.com



Now Saks needs one.


Apparently it was created minutes ago. I’m already following http://twitter.com/DanHibiki and http://twitter.com/MelvinBison and apparently there is http://twitter.com/Ken_Masters. I wonder if more SF characters are twitting.

Looks like there’s a group (or one guy) using sf_ as a tag.


Chun Li’s feed’s looking kind of sparse.

Probably related: http://twitter.com/kof_terrybogard

Sakura has one too

I’m thinking of joining Twitter, just to show support to the characters.

EDIT: Just joined. This should keep me somewhat occupied.

Dan’s twitter is just hilarious. It really fits his personality perfectly.