Dan is looking for a few good


Do it. Now. NOW. NOW!

Was about to make this exact same thread.

So hype for next week, and my shiny box of dojo-edition goodness.
Only way it could be better is if Capcom suddenly grew psychic and sent me a Dan shirt, and told the world that Darkstalkers current-gen was definitely coming out.

Personally, I could give a rats ass about MvC3, it’s great for the scene, but I doubt I’ll play it much.
I’ll probably buy it just to support Capcom.

Same here. Never been a fan of that style of game play.

It’s good fun but I was never good at it so didn’t really have any life for me.

i was too!

Im so hyped as well man! Cantttt waiittt!
I actually have an Akuma T-shirt with the heaven symbol ont he back, im gunna pick up a pink one with dans symbol on the back eventually, haha.
And i wanna see new Darkstalkers too man!

And yeah, ill just buy it to support cap+have another fighter to play+bring back memoriezz :smiley:

<-- gets Dojo Edition whenever the UPS truck shows up tomorrow.


Buu, I have to wait a whole week :frowning: